Bravo, Yummy Nikita – Naked Defiance of IslamoNazis!

Nikita Mirzani
One of Indonesia’s best-known stars, Nikita Mirzani, may soon incur IslamoNazi wrath by appearing on the cover of Playboy.
She’s certainly a stunner, and has earned my plaudits in the past for speaking up against the idiot element when JLo was due in Jakarta.
After Islamist fanatics coerced the cops into vetoing Gaga’s performance in Indonesia, there was every likelihood they’d try to stop Ms. Lopez too, but Nikita came out bravely in the American’s defence.
I have no inkling of her ideological outlook, but she clearly believes in freedom of opinion and expression, so my natural enthusiasm for her good looks was enhanced by her courage.
She wowed audiences in a film called Wild Women and used to be on TV a lot here, but Trans reportedly dropped her for being altogether too sexy, as you can see from the photo below.
In this week, she expressed no fear of any threat of a protest demo by the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI).


Nikita – once a key attraction on tv satire Kakek2 Narsis (Narcissitic Grandpas)
Nikita added that she is not afraid to get condemnation from the community, especially threats from mass organizations such as the FPI.
“The magazine is only published in if I am photographed abroad, what should I fear?” Nikita said on Wednesday.“I’m not a thief, why would FPI demo or reject me?”
Nikita is no fool, though, and must be aware that what passes for a mind in the skulls of the skull-capped hoodlums rarely operates either rationally or logically.
They drove Indonesia’s own edition of Playboy out of town, again largely due to laggard law enforcement, and the editor thereof was falsely imprisoned for quite a long time, till finally a higher court ordered his release.
And the local mag did not feature anything like nudity – compare and contrast the covers depicted above!
The IslamoNazis just hate it if women look like women rather than the sacks of coal that used to be sold from the backs of lorries in the UK.