More Christians Bullied by Intolerant Islamists

Even as the HRW report we mentioned recently sits in President  SBY’s in-box (one assumes!) Metro TV reported that another Protestant church in Bekasi is facing threats from mobs of primitive Islamists.

The 600-strong HKBP church, in Setu, Bekasi, has been there for over a dozen years, but suddenly a shady outfit called FUIT moved in to challenge their right to worship – and it’s the same old spurious excuse, building permits!.

Already, the climate of intimidation which is spreading across Indonesia, due to the Govenrment’s refusal to defend citizens’ rights to worship, has Pastor Leonard Nababan reluctant to mention the name of the identity of certain religious organizations.

Yes, we have never heard of FUIT, but one wonders if the other sectarian gangs, like FPI or FUI, have a hand in it.

setu altar

“The process itself is not a problem so far, because we’ve got the consent decree, obtained from 89 residents, though we only needed 60 to go ahead. We’ve been collecting them since 2011….we are often in dialogue with community leaders and ustads, they support us, certainly, because worship is a human right… ,” he said on Sunday.

So the local Muslims are not at fault? Ordinary house-holders, okay, but what about the local thugs!


Metro reports that rank bullying has already taken place, after seven hundred shariah savages showed up at a meeting of the Regional Leadership Council (Muspida) dealing with permits.
The church, represented by eight men was ‘helpless, forced to sign a letter of agreement made by the mob. The letter they were coerced into signing is a mastepiece of IslamoNazism.  They had to agree that their church was rejected by Setu residents. Secondly, the church’s land must be returned to residential use. Third, if worship activities continued, there would be a crack down on the church.

Questions at this point. Were there no police at the Muspida meeting? Why didn’t they stop the IslamoNazi scum’s intimidation?

Answers -without even checking back, you can bet there were ranking police officers there – it was a regional leadership body, after all.

“Although they signed,, they agreed to continue to worship as usual because their signatures were enforced. Thankfully so far the threat has not been carried out because we are also asking security from the police. We are very grateful for all the security forces,” he said.

If they’d acted at the meeting, then perhaps the huge security presence now – hundreds of Mobile Brigade personnel, Satpol PP militia and the Police – would not be required!.

And in an interesting tail-end, metro quotes a villager, Nasir, 41, said who told the journos that so far in the neighborhood where the church is not problematic. “It’s been a dozen years we are calm and cool, it’s just the same church. Those people I don’t know what the fuss is,” she said.

And yesterday the same sorry scenes were re-enacted. Christian congregation in Bekasi district has become the latest in West Java province to face opposition from local hard-line Muslims on the grounds that it lacks the necessary permit to congregate.

Some 200 people calling themselves the Tamansari Islamic People’s Forum (FUIT) rallied outside the Batak Christian Protestant Church (HKBP) in Setu subdistrict on Sunday to block churchgoers from entering the house of worship.


ade gereja setu  003


That’s from the Jakarta Globe, which tells us that some fanatic named Mela Mustofa, FUIT Chairman, ranted that  church officials had signed an agreement with local residents and Islamic groups last month that they would not worship at their church until they had obtained a building permit.

And the authorities?
Dikdik Jasmeldi, the head of the Bekasi Public Order Agency (Satpol PP), said that his office had already issued a warning letter to the congregation for having built their church without a building permit. “If the building doesn’t have the required permit, then it’s violating the regulations,” he said.

In vain does Pastor Nababan remind us that hs church applied in 2011. “We’ve complied with all the requirements for the process, from the neighborhood up to the subdistrict level, In fact, the local residents have even signed their approval for us to get the permit.”

So? Since when does Bekasi give any Chrsitan church a fair go? It’s a backward bigoted cess-pool of a city.
 What this congregation is facing is no more than the Tambun HKBP has had to endure for years, and the same goes for that other centre of moral squalour, Bogor, where the Mayor continues to stomp religious liberty, despite (as in Tambun) a Supreme Court decree, which the Governmant and the Police lack the will or the cojones to enforce.

And it ain’t just the Protestants suffering blatant oppression. The JG usefully recalls the similar treatment meted out to St. Johannes Baptista Catholic congregation…barred since last August from worshiping in its empty lot. Members have held services there since 2006 because local authorities have still not issued them a building permit that they applied for in 2000.

Hey, President SBY, once more we draw you attention to your own UN speech, demanding action against abuse of religion.  Glass houses, stones, etc….or are we expected to be grateful that no Chrsitans have yet been martyred, like the Ahmadis in Cikeusik?

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  • If so, a reminder again that Bekasi Police clearly heard the death threat to Pastor Palti in Tambun but cravenly ignored it, and the known culprit has yet to be brought to justice.

Is the Government waiting till more blood is shed before it takes a meaningful stand for religious liberty?