Bloggers! Beware Jihadist Journos!

Scary stuff!
The local media, on which bloggers like myself have to rely for coverage of events around Indonesia, have been unveiled as a hot-bed of Islamist intolerance.
Well, scary perhaps, but not shocking. We have more than once mentioned the ridiculous bias in reports that talk of oppressed minorities ‘repenting,’ as if they were somehow wrong to use their God-given brains to interpret Islam in ways that don’t slavishly concur with the bigot-think of such ghastly extremists as the MUI.
It seems that almost half Indonesia’s journalists favour the introduction of the iniquitous sharia legal system, which blatantly denies daughters equal inheritance rights and has already disgraced this country before the world with the brutal maltreatment of women (and men!) in Aceh Province, where it is already the law.
But before ‘Islamophobes’ (which usually just means people who object to islamist intolerance) start making hay with this report, let’s note first that it is produced by decent Muslims, like the guy quoted below.

A survey conducted by Pantau Foundation in 2012 reveals that religious intolerance among Indonesian journalists remains high, underlining the need for access to adequate knowledge of Islam…survey coordinator, Imam Shofwan, said on Sunday that after the reform era , the phenomenon of religious intolerance perpetrated by Islamic radicals continued to increase.


Imam_Shofwa Imam


“From my perception, our journalists’ account of religious-related events is still tendentious. From this survey, we saw intolerance among journalists to be strong,” said Imam..

The Jakarta Post report tells us that some 600 print and broadcast journalists from 16 provinces answered around 100 questions relating to issues on Islam and journalism.

The 2012 survey revealed that 46 percent of respondents said Islamic law (sharia) should not be implemented in Indonesia, down from 47 percent in the previous survey in 2009. Meanwhile, 45 percent of respondents say Indonesia needs to implement the Islamic law, up from 37.5 percent from the 2009 study.


ahmadiyah3 Innocent Ahmadi martyred by Islamist savages

————Citing an example, he said it seemed that many respondents agreed with thoughts of Ahmadiyah as a heresy. In the 2009 survey, 29.7 percent of the respondents “quite agreed” with the local joint decision (SKB) that outlawed the Ahmadiyah sect. But in the 2012 survey, the figure increased to 30.2 percent.

Literate primitives! An interesting concept.

I do try to read between the lines but nevertheless, this makes it all the more important to do so.

But surely it’s a handsome example of irony that it should appear in the Jakarta Post, part of the Gramedia business empire, which became notorious a year ago with its grovelling obeisance to the most intolerant Islamist elements in the archipelago.


burning books the-jakarta-post gramedia


Their Hitler-style book-burning, monitored by goat-bearded fanatics, exposed to public scorn a spineless management, and not one editorial voice was heard from the JP condemning it.

A whiff of hypocrisy in the air, surely?