Valentines – ‘A Systemic Form of Cultural Destruction!’ – Islamist ‘Scholars’ reports that a spokesman of the Islamonazi FPI (self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam’) has urged a ban on haram Valentines, that students might not celebrate the day.

Idrus, Gauleiter of Depok FPI Habib of Depok


FPI’s Depok (West Java, of course) Gauleiter, Habib K. Al Gadhri affirmed that the cultural and symbolic celebration is unclean, especially if celebrated with free sex. Yes, it is haram, infidel culture, Western culture, a symbol of immorality…,” he ranted. And he’s not alone in his hysteria!



Padang Expres adds to our store of knowledge of the dimmer recesses of the human soul, with its report on the MUI’s South Sumatra chairman,  Duski Samad, who  confirmed Valentine’s Day celebrations were haram for Muslims. According to him, the tradition is a pagan custom, unlawful if followed by Muslims. “Infidels are celebrating Valentine’s Day, why do we want to follow their habits,” he said… “Valentine’s Day is a systemic form of cultural destruction from outside, destruction of the cultural propriety of the East…clearly contrary to the teachings of Islam…
  476191  Duski Samad – apparently he’s a professor!
Parents should forbid their children and not allow them to celebrate Valentine’s Day.,All sadly predictable, but another critic at least showed some imagination.Chairman LKAAM Sumatra, M Sayuti Datuk Rajo Pangulu, hopes that tomorrow, the government would close the recreational areas that are strategic places for the younger generation to indulge in affection. ist


And he hoped, too, that “the government of West Sumatra designate February 14 as Rendang Day,  with rendang cooking contests. That way, we can embrace the younger generation to take to restore the tradition of Minang. So when Valentine’s Day came, the younger generation is busy with preparations for the roast, “he explained.


rendang-padang Yummy, Spicy – Very Appropriate for Valentine’s Day!


The LKAAM is a body concerned not so much with sectarian nonsense but on preserving the local traditions of the Minang culture of Sumatra. And I have to say that rendang, a very yummy, spicy, beef -based concoction, deserves to be celebrated.

It’s a culinary delight beloved by many non-Sumatrans, including myself! I reckon we’ll tuck into some tomorrow night!


But it’s not just up in Sumatra that the loons are giving voice. Idris Abdul Somad,  Deputy Mayor of Depok, West Java, has warned parents against ‘the celebration of love this day because it’s considered
negative for teenagers…
“Valentines mean to surrender oneself to one’s beloved. To that end, forbid your kids to celebrate Valentines,” he railed, while giving a speech in celebration of the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad, Monday (11/2).

Well, I’m sure he’d be more relaxed with a plateful of rendang in his gut.

No Valentines for me, then, given such inspirational exhortations from a couple of West Java bigots and  those self-styled ‘scholars’ whose edicts reek of backward bigotry.

I’m joking, of course.

Were I even slightly interested in the gas-bags’ advice, I’d have rapidly ceased to be once I learned that another notorious hate-group,  Hizb ut Tahrir Indonesia, also condemned the celebration of Valentine because it is often misused as an excuse by teens for free sex.

That’s the downside of having been born before the Permissive Society, I guess – sliding cards under front-doors with a smudgy S.W.A.L.K. inscribed on the envelope was about the nearest most of us got to free sex in those days, when ‘teenager’ was only a novel buzz-word for adolescent.

Reassuringly, many Indonesian teens/kids/adolescents take a more adult view of the Big Day than some of their pathetic elders.

The same report quotes from the Padang Ekspres.  “If you commit adultery to celebrate Valentine’s Day, that’s sinning,” says Irvan,a high schooler, while Siska, another school student, added that her pals ‘just exchanged gifts. If that were banned, it’d mean banning birthdays too…”