Strasbourg Rats Cower from Citizens’ Scrutiny

MEPs will hold a secret ballot on any budget deal reached at the EU summit, European Parliament President Martin Schultz warned on Thursday (7 February), in the latest sign that MEPs are prepared to hang tough in talks with governments.




Tough? Scared to let the people see how they’re voting?

This arrogant upstart not only stands exposed as a renegade from the cause of his own country, but also as guilty of holding the basic principles of democracy in abject contempt.

What was that old phrase coined by Woodrow Wilson, if I remember right?

‘Open covenants, openly arrived at…’

Not on Schulz’s wish-list, for sure! He wants a dirty deal stitched up by craven cosmopolitans and under-pinned by a vote of lying curs.  Those MEPs surely took an oath to serve the people who elected them and will now sink to any depths to prevent those very same people knowing how they’re voting, on an issue that is palpably the essence of representative democracy. 

‘No taxation without representation…’

Another old slogan worth reviving, as the tax burden on every citizen is deemed by MEP charlatans to be none of the citizens’ business. A quick slash of their expenses and salaries would be a small but useful step in the budget debate.

Freeing deputies from the constraints of a public vote increases the likelihood of parliament rejecting a deal.

Some representation, if you can’t find out how your ‘representatives’ are voting!




It hardly matters now whether these rats crawl off into their ‘secret squirrel’ option, or whether they back down or are bought off  – we know how low they’re prepared to sink in their war on the people they promised to speak for!

It’s tiring to maintain a sufficently immense level of righteous indignation against the EUSSR, but thanks to unprincipled elitists, like this German schweinhund, it is possible.