‘Air Terjun Pengantin Phuket’ – A Gory Deluge of Lovelies,

Valentine outing, so she got to choose!




And a fine choice it was!

As you can see, this film, whilst perhaps not for the pseudo-intellectual in-crowd, is not going to leave you nodding off in the back stalls.

It stars several beautful Indonesian actresses, and the clever producers have chosen an island for the scene of much of the action, hence the ladies concerned are not swathed in too many coats, voluminous sweaters, etc.

It’s a sequel to the film made a couple of years ago, which was set on an Indonesian island, but this time the somewhat vampirical cult besetting our gallant gorgeous band pops up in Thailand.

Since the story is not hard to follow, rather the opposite, in fact, I’ll leave you to go and enjoy it if you will, offering instead a few photos of the gals whose charms are on display.


tamara-bleszynski Tamara Blezynski – a kick-boxing heroine


putri una Putri Una – sadly ill-used by the wicked ones, as is also the case with…


Laras-Monca Laras Monca.  Not to ignore…


Kimberly-Ryder Kimberley Ryder – she’s a sweetie!