Christians Oppressed? ‘All Their Own Fault!’ – Government Spokesman, Jakarta

Heck, you get up late on a Sunday (because somebody wanted to watch first ‘Twilight’ and then ‘Titanic’ late into the wee hours) and lo, a news report more horrific than the ‘scary’ movie we watched at Blok M Square last week!


Reydonnyzar_Moenek Home Affair Reydon


Today’s gem of double-talk appears in the Jakarta Globe, with a Home Affairs Ministry spokesman unloading all the blame for Islamist hate-ins on the naughty Christians who think that complying with the rules might ensure their right to worship in their own churches.


barda bigot IslamoNazi Rails at Bekasi Pastor – the FPI swine is clearly motivated by concern over building permits!


The Home Affairs Ministry claims that there would be less religious conflict between Christians and Islamic fundamentalist groups in Indonesia, if churches simply abided with the government’s regulation to secure a building permit, which the ministry believes is easy to obtain.

Oh yeah!?!

That why that other pastor in Bekasi gets a death threat that the police ignore? That’s why his congregation get pelted with plastic bags of urine? The churches are to blame for mob amok-runs that reek of sectarian hatred?  

Said Reydonnyzar Monoek, the Home Affairs Ministry spokesman, “Some people exploit the situation to get the benefit from the tension created.”

Death-threars? Soaked with ignoramuses’ piss? That’s a ‘benefit?’

Under a joint ministerial decree in 2006, Article 14 stipulates that a religious organization requires formal support from at least 60 people from the local community who agree with the construction of a house of worship. The construction must also be validated by the urban ward chief and have the recommendation from the local Religious Affairs Ministry’s office and Interfaith Communication Forum (FKUB) to get a permit.
Reydonnyzar claimed that recent attacks on Christian churches only occurred because they did not have a valid permit.

“The bad thing is, while the churches failed to provide the requirement, the media has already blown up the situation, making it out as if there was intolerant conflicts and pressure on the minority,” Reydonnyzar said. “It’s only about the permit, don’t exaggerate it into a big problem of intolerance.”

What Indonesia is ths dork living in?

Does he not remember what that rabid fanatic Mayor of Bogor said about Yasmin Church? That no Christian place of worship could be countenanced in a street with an Islamic name?  “It’s only about the permit, don’t exaggerate it into a big problem of intolerance.” Drivel!


hkbp pastor clubbed Lady pastor clubbed – All abut permits? Gimme a break!


Pull the other one, Reydon! It’s got church bells on it!

And speaking of noises made by churches, is that what the so-called ‘residents’ object to? There is no other obvious objection that springs to mind, but surely what’s sauce for the church goose must be sauce for the mosque gander.

Who makes the most noise? All through the day, five times to be precise, we get the blaring voice from the local minaret, and while i just ignore it,  certainly that squawk’s  a lot more cacaphonous than a few minutes of merry bells and a half-dozen melodious hymns.

And as for the churches not abiding by rules, what was it a Jakarta City spokesman said about mosque-noise a year ago, quoted here –



Contacted separately, Jakarta administration spokesman Cucu Ahmad Kurnia said “There are some local ordinances regarding public order, including one passed in 2007. However, adzan is not regarded as a public disturbance given the sensitivity of the issue.  .

In other words, these mosques are above the law!

But churches step a centimetre out of line and they get it in the neck from IslamoNazis, with that Reydon blaming the victims, and the media for telling us about the victims. What a pathetic flunkey!

Or is it parking?

Do these anti-social Christians clog up the street with their kafir vehicles?

Okay, if that’s a black mark, who deserves the blackest?

Surely those arrogant clowns who take over whole streets with each anti-social penajian, mob-prayer meeting, which they decline to hold in appropriate places, preferring to obstruct the public highway and inconvenience thousands of weary commuters of all creeds.

Overweening, unbelievable arrogance – or would be unbelievable, in any country where Islamists don’t call the shots.

Jeirry Sumampow, the Diakonia secretary of the Protestant Church Union (PGI), told the Jakarta Globe that in 2012 there were nearly 40 churches who had trouble obtaining a building permit. Jeirry said that in most cases, the local government had refused to issue a permit following rejection from Islamic groups, not the local residents.


romo-benny-susetyo-1298465229 Benny


“It was a mistake to think that the rejection comes from the residents,” said Antonius Benny Susetyo, executive secretary of the Commission of the Indonesian Bishops Conference, adding that most of the churches had established good communications with the residents. “These [fundamentalist] groups, out of nowhere, suddenly come and force the government to not approve the permit request.”


Yes, it was noted in Bogor that the thug gang GARIS was bussing in louts from outside.


tambora church damai Tambora Church


And other examples are given. Antonius said that the Catholic church Damai Kristus in Tambora, West Java, which faces building permit issues, was rejected by a mosque forum outside the neighborhood and not from the local residents. “The same case also happened at the Parung [St. Johannes Baptista] Church in Bogor,” he added. “Outsiders rallied against us, and in fear of them, the government refused to issue the permit.”


And another aspect that RRA hasn’t mentioned before!


rupiah The price of fair play when you deal wth Islamists


“It’s not as easy as he [Reydonnyzar] thinks,” Antonius explained. “Sometimes the churches can easily get the 60 signatures from residents as required. But then to get the urban ward chief to validate it, it takes time. At the end, the churches have to pay for the urban ward chiefs before they want to validate the data. After that, the churches have to face long bureaucracy at the district or city office which also needs money.”



Time to fire these snouts-in-the-trough ratbags! Pigs are haram, yes?


Antonius also gave more details on the Bogor Catholics’ plight, where they’ve been waiting for ten years for their applicatioon to get approval.

“The number of church members is more than 12,000. They have fulfilled all the requirements, but the local government refuses to process the application. Is it our fault, or the governments?”

And then another!  Banua Niho Keriso Protestan (BNKP) church in Bandung Kulon – yes, in West Java, of course!

“They have been established as a church for more than 40 years, and they have been asking for a permit since 2002. They spent millions to give to the neighborhood unit chief, community unit chief, subdistrict chief, religious figures and many others to get the church permit. But up until today, it still has not been issued,” Jeirry said.

Reydonnyzar insisted that the only solution for religious conflicts between Christians and Islamic fundamentalists to stop was for churches to abide with regulations for a building permit.

Which is exactly what Yasmin did! They got their permit, and, confronted by Mayor Diani’s bigotry, took their case all the way to the Supreme Court. And they won!

So the church is now open?

No, because the Home Affairs Ministry, and the National Police Chief, with the full knowledge of President SBY, have refused to order the police to enforce the ruling.  .

“The government is more than ready to assist with the conflict, but [the churches] should fulfill their obligation [to get the permit],” he said. “They [churches] should meet the requirements and then the local governments would not hesitate to issue a permit.”

Hogwash! As his own next words confirm. Reydon quotes Yasmin as some kind of case study, shamelessly white-washing his own department’s indifference to religious liberty.

Regarding the case of the GKI Yasmin Church in Bogor, whose building permit was revoked by the mayor, Reydonnyzar said that the local government had been more than willing to provide a solution.

“They prepared Rp 10 billion ($1 million) for the church administrator to move [their church] and build it elsewhere to prevent tension with residents, but the church refused,” he said. “We want to help, but it was not accepted. It’s because they want to prolong the conflict.”

Of course they don’t want to prolong it, but you need to have a modicum of personal integrity to understand why, Reydon!



 They want into their own church. The conflict has been prolonged because Mayor Diani and the hoodlum GARIS creeps etc. won’t obey the law, and you, Reydon, or at least those you speak for, lack the cojones to enforce that law, the high court ruling that Yasmin’s congregation have the RIGHT to worship in their own church.

If a swarm of swine use mob action to suppress the court decree and that crystal-clear constitutional guarantee, Reydon reckons minority creeds should just take a pay-off and crawl. He makes me want to vomit!
And a quick tail-end re the quote from Johan Tumanduk, the synod secretary of the Protestant Church of Western Indonesia (GPIB), who said that the downside of Protestant churches having several denominations was that they could not work hand in hand to help each other.“A church tends to ignore the problems of other churches,” he said.

“The bargaining position of a church is weak as they try to solve the problems alone, so it is easily attacked by groups. If they can work together, not only pray all the time, but also put their prayers into action, I think it could help to solve the problem.”

And there’s something I need to say on that. But I’ll post again after midnight, to give you something to chew on, Monday morning coming down!