Good Move, Mr. Harper – And Good Choice, That Recognition of Canada’s Good Ahmadi Citizens!

Congratulations to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his choice of a Toronto Ahmadiyah community centre to inaugurate Canada’s new Office of Religious Freedom.



Rarely has such an inoffensive group of people as the Ahmadis been persecuted so viciously. It’s all the more astonishing when you consider that, wherever they go, they turn out to be the best of citizens.


royal_wedding_ahmadiyya  Ahmadiyya-Ad-at-the-Consumer-Fair-Banner


Their treatment here in Indonesia is a crime that cries to Heaven for justice, with the Government’s blatantly discriminatory Tri-Ministerial Decree denying them the very religious freedoms guaranteed in Indonesia’s own constitution. Vile hoodlums like the FPI hound them, the most recent example reported here on RRA only yesterday. The scum who torment them rarely see the inside of a court, and those that do? A pitiful mockery of justice ensues, as in the case of the Cikeusik Martyrs.


attack-ahmadiyah The Cikeusik Pogrom


The announcement in Ottawa will finally repair the damage done a year ago when Canada’s Man in Jakarta was reported in local media as endorsing the iniquitous treatment of the oppressed minority. He eventually got a retraction printed, but it took some time, and many friends of religious liberty here were left a little doubtful of Canada’s commitment to everyone’s right to worship freely.

But now that is clear for all to see, with the choice of  Tahir Hall as the venue.

And it could hardly be more timely, with the news last week of another example, not in Indonesia, of rabid Islamist hate in action,  from

“They attacked the venue from all corners, shouting Allahu Akbar (God is Great). They torched the canopy, tents and stage,” Sanjit Kumar, a senior police official, told AFP.

“We fired rubber bullets and tear gas at the mob, but it was so huge that we could not protect the venue,” he said, adding that one person was injured after he was beaten up.

(the Dawn article included this photo from Pakistan, a desecrated Ahmadi cemetery –



Lahore. Pakistan


– seems Islamist scum spare neither the living nor the dead!) But that’s Pakistan for you, where the regime has officially declared that Ahmadis are non-Muslim.

In Bangladesh, where 90 percent of the country’s 153 million people are Muslims, there is no such law. But Islamic parties and top clerics have long demanded the government declare them non-Muslims.

Ahmadiyya Jamaat’s Bangladesh spokesman Tabshir Chowdhury alleged that despite repeated request for more security, only a few policemen were sent to protect the venue, situated 40 kilometres north of the capital.

Sounds familiar, to Indonesian readers, I’ll bet.

Ahmadiyah burned Koran in Cisalada Here’s that photo again, the Ahmadi Koran, burned (along with homes and a mosque) by ignorant Islamist savages in West Java – no notable mass protests about THAT Koran-burning…