Seventh Day Adventists on Religious Liberty – Not So Good Samaritans

I finished my previous post with a quote from Johan Tumanduk, the synod secretary of the Protestant Church of Western Indonesia (GPIB), who said that the downside of Protestant churches having several denominations was that they could not work hand in hand to help each other.“A church tends to ignore the problems of other churches,” he said.


A Statue of Jesus Among the Rubble in Temanggung


The man was discussing the endless persecution of Christians (not forgetting Ahmadis,  Buddhists, Shia, etc) in which local and national government readily collaborates with IslamoNazi thug gangs like FPI and GARIS.  For more info on the ordeal of religious minorities, look at that last post or just in-put any of the creeds I just mentioned into our search box!

“The bargaining position of a church is weak as they try to solve the problems alone, so it is easily attacked by groups. If they can work together, not only pray all the time, but also put their prayers into action, I think it could help to solve the problem.”

And he’s got to be right. Unity is strength, for sure. Otherwise the bad guys win!


Did you read in the JP last week about the cold-hearted bleating from the Seventh Day Adventists? I’d planned to post on it at the time, but got swept along with so many other issues. So now let’s look at what that sycophantic sect had to say.


“I specifically thank the President of Indonesia for the wonderful religious liberty that is provided to groups who live in Indonesia and we are grateful for that,” Ted Wilson, the president of the general conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, told journalists after a meeting with Yudhoyono.


HKBP SEALed Sealed church

tambora church damai Threatened church

mesjid_ahmadiyah pondok gede Sealed Ahmadi mosque

buddha-statue Dethroned Buddhist statue

ahmadiyah2 Ahmadi Martyr

shias_attacked_by_terrorists Shia mosque


And so many more.

Wilson’s blindness to what’s going on here must surely be affected – the man’s not a fool!


“I specifically thank the President of Indonesia for the wonderful religious liberty that is provided to groups who live in Indonesia…”

Good grief!

Wilson sounds like a Little-Sir-Echo of the Archbigot of Jakarta, Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali, who last year told us that Indonesia is the most tolerant country in the world, while also calling for Ahmadiyah to be outlawed and branding Shia as heretics.


adventis  Is Wilson looking for those verses about crossing to the other side of the road when you see somebody in trouble.


Well, let’s not contribute to any more to any Adventist charities.  They can’t plead ignorance as an excuse for that brain-dead blether – it’s just that they don’t want to know, as the JP noted – Wilson said his delegation and the President had not discussed intolerant acts and persecution that have affected minority groups in Indonesia.

I thought Christians were supposed to CARE!