Sexy Gum Can Trap Women! – Islamist ‘Scholar!

The sheer RELEVANCE of the MUI, that Council of Islamist ‘Scholars,’ to the everyday challenges Indonesians face was brought to life vividly in an report earlier this month, which I have just caught up with, thanks to Ati, one of our keen local fans.
I’m sure she found the story as absurd as I do.
Sexy Gum!
Surabaya – MUI has asked young women in East Java o be on their guard against the circulation of chewing gum claimed to stimulate libido  – the ‘power of love’ – as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.
Word was, it looked just like regular gum!
KH-Abdusshomad-Buchori-Ketua-MUI-Jatim Buchori
“I personally do not know what it looks like. If it comes freely on the market, it could trap women…” said East Java MUI chairman KH Abdusshomad Buchori.
According to him, if the ‘love gum’ is allowed to circulate to a limited circle like married couples, it should need a prior prescription and be bought at the pharmacy.
That is, it’s halal but may not be bought at random in the market.
“Just for married couples!” he said.
A bit of a joke, this Buchori, you may say, and in this context, he surely is.
But there’s a dark side to the man, who is a frightful fanatic, exemplary in his religious intolerance. Refresh your memory of his crass bigotry here.