West Java Votes for Dark Age, But Rieke’s A Ray of Sunshine

Good news and bad news in the West Java gubernatorial election, with the bigoted Islamist Heryawan declared the winner by pollsters.

ahmad-heryawan Heryawan – Intolerance personified, a true representative of the PKS

 Ahmad Heryawan/Deddy Mizwar with 33,18%, while Rieke/Teten dengan are on 27,47%. The third place went to Dede Yusuf-Lex Laksamana, at 25,36%.


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With only one third of the votes enough to win in a multi-party system, one hopes that Heryawan may realise he has no serious mandate to proceed with the he allegedly hatched with the IslamoNazi FPI.

Especially with nearly one third of his electorate opting for sanity, in the pleasing shape of Rieke.


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But other reports say he aims to unleash an all-out war on religious liberty, a total ban on Ahmadiyah. Given his PKS background, no surprises with that.




They are the local equivalents of the Muslim Brotherhood, while he has, after all, long since hoisted the banner of intolerance with his Gubernatorial Decree outlawing that minority from publicly spreading their teachings.

This is in response to demands from gangsters like FPI and so-called ‘scholars’ of the MU, who are paranoid in their determination not to let their flock hear differing versions of ‘the truth.’

West Java has been turning into a backward and bigoted sectarian sewer under the PKS regime, with vicious persecution of not only non-Muslim groups like the Protestants of Yasmin and Tambun and a Catholic church too, but also the decent and inoffensive Muslim dissenters of the Ahmadiyah community.

It does make you wonder, however, how come so many of West Java’s residents chose to endorse bigotry. On the other hand, 65% did not.