Italy v EUSSR – Comedian May Thwart Euro-Tragedy!

EUObserver last week carried something of a ‘scare story’ about the dangers of allowing Italians access to democratic control of their own country.
File photo of former European Commissioner Mario Monti during a news conference in Brussels Monti

Outgoing Prime Minister Mario Monti, a respected former EU commissioner and economics professor, may be the favourite among EU leaders watching from the side lines, but at home, he appears to have failed to convince voters…the last available data from 8 February put Monti in fourth place.
FOURTH! And this is the man whom the EUSSR hand-picked for the role of quisling. Some judgement, huh?


So what happened? ….the real winner appeared to be the new protest party, the Five Star Movement of former comic Beppe Grillo, which is calling for a referendum on Italy’s membership of the euro.


Beppe Grillo Beppe Grillo


Now, I gather Signor Grillo is no conservative, but it seems he understands what the EUSSR does not – that in a democracy, the people rule.


EU - referendum vote


Italians lost their lira, and their sovereignty, without their consent, no referenda, just a sell-out by the in-crowd, same as happened in France and Holland, where referenda were allowed on the EuroCon, were lost by the elite,  the results instantly ignored and thereupon voting was proscribed for all future such decisions.


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  • Mind you, at least the French and Dutch did get a referendum, more than the lying swine Cameron gave Brits, when he broke his word in a paroxysm of Euro-Grovel.

With the big parties stale-mated, let’s hope Grillo’s guys and gals can tip the balance to let the people have their say. Then pray for a domino-effect, as each nation gets a chance to exercise its right to self-determination.