'Jupe a Wanted Woman?' Too True, Mate!

Dangdut singer Julia Perez is a wanted woman.




So says the Jakarta Globe today, but to those who follow our blog-posts, it must have long since been clear that she’s held that status in more than a few male hearts here for years!

Julia, whose real name is Yuli Rahmawati, was officially declared a fugitive by the East Jakarta Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday after she missed a Feb. 25 deadline to turn herself in to police. The fiery popstar has failed to serve a three-month prison sentence for assaulting fellow dangdut star Dewi Persik on the set of the 2010 horror film “Arwah Goyang Kerawang” (“Dancing Ghost of Karawang”)


jupe Jupe and Depe dewipersik1he2_goyang_seksi_tokek_dada_puting_susu_telanjang_bugil_striptease_menari


That was a good movie, its appeal enhanced by that demo, by a clutch of head-shrouders out there in Karawang – West Java, of course – who didn’t want their drab selves associated with two such manifestations of feminine beauty.


fpijupe One of the most agreeable things about Jupe is how she seems able to upset ignoramuses without even trying. Here’s the IslamoNazi FPI in Bandung, also parading their priggery.


However, to return to the main story, which is mainly an excuse for me to use these great pics of the lass, how can such a honey not be found, if the cops seriously want to find her?




Or has she decided not only to do what any fugitive crim or terrorist can easily do, but also to hold out an olive-branch to her cretinous critics?

Food for thought – ban the burka!