Holiday to Europe? Prague/Bratislava, if Your Tastes Run to Freedom!

PragueAutumn Prague, in my opinion the most beautiful capital city in Europe, and one of the few remaining outposts of individual liberty


The Czech republic and Slovakia are the last EU states where you can smoke in a bar.




So said the EUObserver and I believe it. A sad commmentary on life in the Brave New World being constructed by the EUSSR, so God save the Czechs and Slovaks from the forces of intolerance!

I spotted another of those ridiculous ‘opacitisations’ on TV last nght, the Nicolas Cage movie Snake Eyes, with both the stars simultaneously enjoying a fag (sorry, poofters) and thus causing the idiot censors no end of hardship, how to disguise the sinful weed whilst leaving enough screen for the tale to unfold!

This obsessive irrationality is reflected in the anti-smokers’ propaganda in the publishing world too, it appears, with a new report by the fanatics almost instantly exposed as tendentious hogwash.

The claim that the smoking ban has reduced asthma rates is a case study in using ‘research’ to justify coercive policy.

Have a look!

And have a fag, while you still can!