So I Missed the Gandaria Gang-Fight!

Yesterday I had to meet an Indonesian chap to talk about books,  in Gandaria, South Jakarta, and since he knew I was thinking of moving house,  he kindly suggested I look around his area.

“Thanks, Pak, but this is a pricey part of town,” I replied politely.

gandacitr Posh Gandaria City mall


And so it is, albeit nice.

I often get the 102 from Senayan down to Simatupang and have admired the leafy streets and opulent homes, pondering how things might be if I won the lottery!

However, today’s news in the JG makes me reflect that my more humble but peaceful neighbourhood has a lot to be said for it.

One person was injured and three more were arrested in Gandaria, South Jakarta, on Wednesday following a fight between two mass organizations notorious for their gang-related activities.
Kebayoran Baru Police Chief Comr. Adex Yudiswan said the skirmish started on Gandaria Raya at 11 a.m. and pitted members of the Pemuda Pancasila against their rivals from the Betawi Brotherhood Forum (FBR)….
Both groups are infamous for running protection rackets in neighborhoods over which they claim control, and are frequently used by politicians to draw large crowds to rallies or protests.




That’s for sure!

We posted ages ago on the former, since defeated, Governor of Jakarta, Fauzi Bowo, ewho had the brass neck to invite one of these hooglum outfits to help secure the famous SEA Games here a year ago.


FBR dikaret bivak There’s FB, with his noted tash, flanked by the FBR and other friends.


Maybe he feels that gangsters can be good neighbours, but I am looking elsewhere in my house-hunt!