Canada Court’s Confusing Conundrum – ‘Belittle’ But Don’t ‘Hate’ Perverts!


That august body of the un-elected, Canada’s Supreme Court, has issued a confused and confusing decree on what Canadians may say or not say.

It struck out part of Section 13 of the so-called Canadian Human Rights Act, so now people are free to  belittle or ridicule individuals or groups of whose activities they disapprove, but not to express hate for them.

And who will decide which comment falls into which category?


Canada Court - School Ruling Today - Parents' Rights or Perv Propaganda?


Why, none other than the malignant bodies known as ‘Human Rights Commissions,’ which ought instead to be outlawed as the pernicious infringements on free expression they truly are. A sure recipe for malicious persecution of Christians by the miserable ‘gay’ lobbies.

While this ruling stands, while these HRC gestapos still operate, Canada cannot be a free country in the real sense.

More on this soon, as we digest reaction back home.