‘Don’t Be Mean to Crimmigrant Parasites!’ Abbott’s Enemy Within!

Even if the Opposition wins this year’s Australian election,  it looks like they need to stage a clean-up in their own ranks if they’re to take useful action against asylum parasites. 

This became clear after one of Tony Abbott’s back-benchers ran up the pinko flag, objecting to some plain sense offered by Scott Morrison.

morrison Scott Morrison

Russell Broadbent, apparently a man with a history of left-lib outbursts, has accused his own party of vilifying asylum seekers, after Coalition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison called for special ”behaviour protocols” for those released into the community and the mandatory notification of police and residents in areas where they were housed.

Broadbent’s broadside is the kind of gunk you’d expect from Malcolm Turnbull, or even Malcolm Fraser, not from an Australian MP whose party, under its current leadership, has shown increasing realism in the battle to defend their country against an invasion of bludgers.


Asylum-seekers riot in Australia


Such protocols as Morrison suggests are simply wise precautions – these illegal aliens chose to weasel their way into Oz,  jumping the queue over decent and law-abiding would-be entrants. We’ve all seen the louts’ ingrate antics on the news, burning the accommodation provided by Aussie tax-payers, whose hard-earned welfare benefits are the key reason so many undesirables want in.



…..  Herald Sun 16/5/11


We’ve also posted on the ‘poor little lambs’ shown clearly to be liars and cheats, and if you’ve forgotten, here’s part of one such post, above.

Of course they should be monitored carefully. Especially after the latest news!-

Mr Morrison said the charging of a Sri Lankan asylum seeker with the alleged indecent assault of a young woman in a Sydney university dorm ”demanded” an immediate suspension of the community release program and a review to determine new ”behavioural protocols … with clear negative sanctions for breaches.”

But Broadbent is having none of that.  Safeguarding real Australians from the criminality of crimmigrants is no doubt of concern to him, but not to the extent of keeping an eye on the likeliest culprits. There should, he wailed  ”never be special categories of laws for different categories of people!”

So if a bank gets robbed, police should seek answers down the local senior citizens’ homes, or at the sort of pubs favoured by the criminal fraternity?

OF COURSE undesirable illegal aliens should be scrutinised with greater care than honest Aussies!

Wake up, for Heaven’s sake!

And that exhortation is aimed at Tony Abbot!