Indonesia – Islamo-Realism Looming?

The PKB is a small but well-established ‘moderate’ Muslim party, once a big-hitter when it was led by the admirable and genuine moderate President Gus Dur.

Since his death, it has taken a turn or two, often for the worse, as we reported last week on its dalliance with wanna-be president Rhoma Irama, a bigoted islamist fanatic (and cry-baby, and cleric!)


  • IRAMA_DIPERIKSA1 Cry-Baby Cleric
  • ——————————
  • But by then it had apparently lost interest in Irama, looking instead to nominate Constitutional Court Chair Mahfud as its man for 2014.

However, today’s Jakarta Post reports further, on the PKB’s search for legislative candidates, and this report indicates that Islamo-Realism is breaking out in some surprising places  here.

While other Muslim parties like the PPP (led by the ArchBigot of Jakarta, Suryadharma ( ban miniskirts!) Ali and the PKS (headlined for its chair’s arrest on a major corruption charge) are slithering around in public esteem, the PKB, by way of contrast, has named a few local celebs as its legislative likelies who may well be politically astute but are for sure going to brighten up the campaign!


Not a burka in sight!


Get a load of these two!

€›/? Ayu Azhari    Cinta Penelope cinta-penelope-siap-dilaser-1352250002


As the PKB Chairman, Muhaimin sagely observes, “They will be able to improve the party’s electability rating,”

PKB stands for the National Awakening Party. Nice to wake up to!