Jakarta – Sectarian Slant on Snouts-In-The-Trough!

There’s always something tiresome about reading how Indonesian (or any) politicians justify spending public money on luxurious overseas trips, all the more so when, as Jakarta’s Governor Jokowi said this week,  the number of impoverished people in Jakarta exceeded 40 percent of its total population, which was around 10 million. -http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/02/27/ri-tycoons-lend-city-a-hand.html


jokowi-twitter Jokowi – tells it like it is!

=========But lest we forget!

House of Representatives Commission X is planning to send teams to Greece, Turkey and India next month to help prepare a draft law on culture and books.

Dedi “Miing” Gumelar, a member of the Commission X, which oversees education and sports affairs, from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P), said on Wednesday that the three teams will leave for the six-day trips on March 17.

  • dedi gumelar - calon walikota tangerang Miing – in search of ’empirical data’ via five-star hotels?


“These visits are being done in the context of preparing the Draft Law on Culture and Books,” Dedi said, adding that the draft law had already been on hold for too long.
Anticipating comments that comparative research could be done online, Dedi said that culture was not something that could be studied merely through the Internet and should also be backed by empirical data from field visits.


I have to say that’s unmitigated balderdash, but never mind, that’s no less than we expect from legislators, in just about every country.. 

If impartial observers were included, to report on how much time these politicos spend by the pool,  in restos and on shopping trips, if they went to do serious work instead of taking their spouses to rub the vacation aspect in as crassly as possible,  if they were to opt for budget hotels rather than wallow in the best in town, well…but that’s not going to happen.
“I will be going to Turkey. We chose Turkey because of its success in maintaining the Islamic civilization,” he said.http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/news/lawmakers-headed-overseas-to-prepare-for-law-on-culture-and-books/574337

But Mr. Miing, Indonesia is a Pancasila Republic, its constitution guaranteeing pluralism, no priority for any religion, so why should there be any such focus on ‘Islamic civilization?’  And you are a member of the PDI-P, which is meant to be a non-Islamist party?

Are Balinese Hindu MPs going to India, Christian Moluccan MPs to Greece?

If so, that is simply sectarian segregation. If not, why the emphasis on ‘Islamic civilisation?’

Dedi also said the public should be wiser and not always be critical of overseas trips by lawmakers…

Better, surely, for law-makers to be ‘wiser‘ in their use of public funds? Just use your computers instead, and think of your fellow-citizens, of all creeds, who have no computers, nor a roof over their heads, who are obliged to live under fly-overs, like that one at Tomang, just about a mile from your parliamentary buildings!

All those millions of rupiah could go a long way,  if you don’t take that long trip.