Sunday Silence on Oppressed Christians, Until Bus Overturns!

It’s a sad fact that the long, miserable saga of injustice experienced by HKBP Tambun’s and GKI Yasmin’s congregations scarcely merits media mention now,  though the persecuted Christians are out there at the Presidential Palace at least every other weekend, hoping – so far in vain – that SBY may look out his window and suffer an attack of conscience at what’s happening during his stewardship of Indonesia’s well-being.



No need for me to remind you that these decent Yasmin folk have a Supreme Court judgement in their favour, which the Police refuse to enforce. Same goes for the Tambun church.

Nor much point in asking again why the President has never ordered the cops to do their duty to the constitutional guarantees of religous liberty which the bigot Mayor Diani of Bogor has flouted with impunity.

Kopaja yang mengangkut jemaat GKI Yasmin jatuh (Foto: Mustholih/Okezone)

Today, I checked, as I do every Sunday, to see how much media coverage they got, and only one mention surfaced, and that because a kopaja mini-bus overturned while transporting some worshippers.

The driver was rushed to hospital, other casulaties so far unclear, says Okezones’ report.

I’m not one of those who recites stuff about the Lord moving in mysterious ways, but while I hope the driver and passengers emerge into full recovery, at least this accident has put iniquitous oppression in the news again, and maybe, jusy maybe, the President will be made aware of the protest at his gates and the suffering of his fellow-citizens – and I don’t just mean whatever injuries were sustained due to the kopaja mishap.