Utopia? Even German Left Wakes Up to Roma Parasite Menace!


That’s how French president Hollande talks about today’s EUSSR, and since he is a socialist, perhaps we can grasp how he thinks so. An overweening anti-democratic elite telling every citizen what to do or not do, what to eat, drink, think, and of course say out loud.

Their MEP legislators even want to hide how they vote from their constituents. Referenda?  Joking, of course! Brussels abhors participatory democracy!

But if the citizens live in relative comfort and safety, well, that’s one of the alleged benefits of authoritarianism. Not my cup of tea, but ‘bread and circuses’ is hardly a novel approach to governance.

The ‘utopia’ theme cropped up in an EUObs article, link here http://euobserver.com/political/118795 which I’d saved for prolonged scrutiny, but it seems highly appropriate to include it in this post, for utopia, paradise…today’s EUSSR is NOT!

Fuhrerin Merkel Sticks Nose into France, Jackboot into Greece

BERLIN – The leaders of Germany and France encouraged young people to be “utopian” and dream of a European federal state with common taxation, on the eve of festivities on Tuesday (22 January) marking the 50th anniversary of the Elysee peace treaty.

Do young people actually dream about taxation policies? Not when I was young, nor, methinks, these days either!

Does anyone even day-dream about the rise of the Fourth Reich, a European Federal State?




For my part, I loathe the idea, but I don’t have nightmares, awake screaming at day-break, tormented by visions of that awful blue/yellow banner flapping outside my window –  the local mosque is my alarm clock!

Merkel added: “You are all sitting together and getting along. I envy you, as I don’t speak French although I would like to, if only I wasn’t so busy these days. But I think you can only understand France if you speak the language and perhaps this is true for Germany, too.”


So how come she lets in tons of aliens who ipso facto, by her own definition, can’t comprehend the country she rules?

We’ll come to that aspect soon.


angela_merkel_2008 Merkel


…When asked if it is “utopian” to think that one day there would be a federal EU state, Hollande said that the EU as it is today seemed “utopian” 50 years ago.“…. It’s true there are political risks, but we need to embrace our common destiny,” he said.

Hollande Hollande


Like I say, he’s a Socialist, but even some continental socialists are waking up to reality in today’s EUSSR utopia!

========================= end of EUObserver intro – on to the UK Daily Mail’s report from Duisburg.

I visited that city in my youthful hitch-hiking days (when I NEVER dreamed of taxation policies, just the next beach and who might be stretched out thereon!)

Duisburg was no tourist attraction, a gritty city, industrial, with hard-working, mostly friendly folks, but I didn’t hang around, only there since my last driver had it as his or her destination and dropped me off at the hauptbahnhof, so I could lunch on bockwurst and kartoffelsalat in their buffet.

Seems Duisburg has changed, thanks to the EUSSR!

And the revelations thereon come from a man whose Socialist credentials are just as good as Hollande’s – Duisburg’s SPD Mayor, Soeren Link!


He spoke of rubbish mountains ‘taller than I am’ outside of dilapidated housing blocks in the district where, in one, 400 Bulgarians and Romanians are crammed into just over 40 apartments.

‘Children are misused there and sent on stealing missions,’ he claimed in a TV discussion about the problem.


duisburg-soeren link Duisburg’s Mayor, Soeren Link


Germany is the continent’s most socially-minded nation with a lavish array of welfare benefits. Some Roma families are claiming over £2,000 a month in child welfare payments, even though they are technically not supposed to work in the country until January next year. ‘It is costing us millions and will cost us more by next year,’ added Mr Link, who said anyone who thought the problem was going to go away was ‘misty eyed’. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2286534/Left-wing-mayor-German-town-warns-Bulgarian-Romanian-immigrants-sent-crime-soaring.html#ixzz2MRnDEiqg

And it’s not just Romania and Bulgaria – Slovakia, and Hungary, have been exporting undesirables too. Canada has had enough and is trying to block the influx, though no doubt the Supreme Court will do its worst to mess up the defence of the Dominion.https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/02/19/nice-one-kenney-roma-parasites-nailed/

The Mail has its idiosyncrasies, but it has done a good job warning Brits of what lies in store for them, under EUSSR migration law, which, despite Cameron’s raving, will be imposed by British freedoms’ nemesis, the EuroCourt, no matter what he or even a unanimous House of Commons, asserts.

The only way is OUT!