De Valera’s Disgrace Replicated – No Tears, Please, for Chavez

My parent’s generation, in the Old Country, were disgusted when De Valera went out of his way to ooze down to the German Embassy in Dublin to express his deepest condolences on the death of Adolf Hitler.


Third Reich’s mourner – Eire’s De Valera


De Valera’s gesture – unique among leaders of neutral nations in the final weeks of World War II – was criticised worldwide.

Obviously, it was beyond decent folks’ understanding that any leaders of any country would abase themselves in this way to a tyranny which had wrought havoc for  years across the Continent and done its best to bomb Belfast into rubble.

How could this Eire errant continue to seek to annex another people to his republic whilst lamenting the demise of a despotic ruler who had done them and others so much harm?

A certain tinge of deja vu, therefore, at all the crocodile tears for Hugo Chavez,  the Venezuelan who spent much f his time hob-nobbing with the evil Castro borthers and waged sanguine war on his own people’s liberties.


chavez_castro488 Diabolic Duo


I could wax on for pages, but instead offer you the link to an excellent article in FrontPage Magazine.