Ganging Up on UKIP? Left-Lib Media Stumbles….

I’m not a member of UKIP, and there are undoubtedly some things they and I disagree on.

No Surrender, TUV OK!    - But UKIP on Mainland Britain I sure agree with them on THIS!

But I do applaud their efforts to restore a measure of sense to British politics, and cheered (quietly, as I was home alone at the time) when they got their excellent result last week in Eastleigh.

And today we see thatmore than a third of voters would consider voting for a party that backs Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, a poll published on Tuesday showed, adding to growing pressure on Prime Minister David Cameron to address the threat to his support.’

But I’ve been watchng and waiting for the UK’s left-lib media to start a smear and sneer assault on the party, because it’s in the nature of the beast to seek to drag down by denigration any challenge to the anti-British in-crowd that has brought the realm to the verge of destruction.

Almost inevitably, The Independent has leapt in to lead the pack of jackals. and some hounds named Randall and Brady have produced a startling ‘expose’ in which they allege that –


A –  some UKIP policies would cost more than they suggest (and of course the establishment parties never do that sort of thing!).


B  – some UKIP people elected to high office have turned out to be bad eggs – well, given the expenses scandals of the past few years, among Tory and Labour Party bigwigs, that’s pretty rich – and at least UKIP gets rid of its no-goods.




Cameron has only recently restored a fiddling fairy to ministerial office!

Then we have other UKIP policies, presented as evidence of how shockingly unacceptable they are!

Like these two –

The word immigration runs through its policy statements like red lettering in seaside rock, and its proposed five-year ban on entries to the UK is the message it rams home on every doorstep.That is far from all. It is deeply sceptical of global warming…


How dare they speak up for actual Britons or break open the conspiracy among the elite to ooze along with the climate-panic creeps!




Then of course the racist slur.

These pinkos acknowledge that UKIP has fielded non-white candidates, two of whom we’ve singled out for praise on RRA, but having done that, they gaily (!!!) discard internal oonsistency and/or logic.

Get a load of this for non-sequitur dialectics!

winston ukip Winston McKenzie

To the accusations that his party is covertly racist, Mr Farage highlights the fact that the Ukip candidate in the Croydon North by-election was the Jamaican-born former boxer Winston McKenzie. HOWEVER, Mr McKenzie provoked protests when he claimed that allowing gay couples to adopt was “unhealthy.” (my capitalisation)

What are we to make of such lucid debunking of the party’s non-racist pretensions – ‘however,’ as I have told my Indonesian English-language students for years, is a word used to contrast one thing with another. ‘I was tired, however, I went to the party!’

So UKIP nominated a black man.

Okay, non-racist.

However…so we look for contrasting argument that somehow show they are nevertheless still somehow racist.

We don’t find any.

We find that, like many black Brits, Winston McKenzie is a serious Christian and holds to decent values. 

So where’s the journos’ contrast?

Does Winston’s Christianity detract from his ethnicity? Hardly.

The clowns simply abandon their vain bid to impose the racist smear but won’t admit it has no validity, so they move on to the ‘gay’ adoption issue, on the assumption that the left-lib readership will be so appalled that Winston opposes the handing over of helpless youngsters to consenting adult deviants that they’ll forget the clear evidence that UKIP is NOT racist!

If that’s the best the left-libs can do, UKIP has nowt to worry about.


skeletons clash UKIP V The Scabrotons?


But I’m sure more clever detractors will soon spring up, like those old skeletons in Clash of the Titans. No matter how many you knock down, there’s an endless supply of mud-slingers in the MSM.