UN Sec-Gen’s Inglorious Omission on Women’s Rights

Lauded by some readers, deplored by at least one, for my slightly frivolous post on International Women’s Day, I wish to balance it by this link to an article by Ban KiMoon, UN Secretary General, in which he rightly inveighs against maltreatment of the fair sex.

Ban-Ki-moon Ban KiMoon
But strangely he issues no condemnation of shariah law, despite its grossly sexist, discriminatory character. Shariah specifically decrees unfair shares in family inheritances and demands that women be forced into hideous garb like this…
   burka family
………..while their husbands, sons and brothers may freely go about unshrouded, looking like human beings.
Until he does have the guts to call for the proscription of such iniquities, might it not be wiser for him just to shut up?