Rafani Rants Again – Islamist Witch-Hunts in West Java

Once again we thank that Islamist website, Hidayatullah.com, for exposing the pathetic intolerance of the MUI, with a feature on those self-styled ‘scholars’ West Java Chairman, Rafani Akhyar– a scholar so brimful of confidence in the tenets of his faith that he has to rely on the POLICE to suppress rival creeds.

  • MUI-Indonesia
  • Rather than rely on the presumed appeal of his own creed’s teachings, Rafani blames lax law enforcement. He laments that’law enforcement officials themselves seem “difficult” about implementing applicable law, despite clear and stark recommendations from both local and national MUI.

So instead of getting out there and engaging in useful debate with those whose interpretations he disputes, Rafani wants the cops to act as a ‘godly goon-squad,’ silencing dissent with hand-cuffs and jail-terms? What a persuasive preacher he must feel himself to be!

And of course this character, who has distinguished himself on our pages before, with his diatribes against (inter alia) Miss Universe….


Rafani didn’t want her near his city – enough said? https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/10/06/ban-miss-world-say-kill-joy-clerics-why-she-aint-sharia-compliant/


…manages to include a side-swipe at religous liberty, something the MUI abhors, if it threatens their hold on the flock.

‘Missionaries’ too are a menace, offering, as they do, the ordinary folk of West Java an opportunity to use their God-given brains to choose for themselves what faith they feel like following.

…as the most populous province in Indonesia, it seems to be the main target of the mushrooming cult proselytizarion. It was marked by the frequent emergence of Islamic splinters and the discovery of apostasy achieved by missionaries.

Rafani adds that there are at least three main reasons why West Java has always been a target of these heretical teachings and apostasy.

First, the large area and population provides an environment that is makes it  “safe and secure” for heretical sects to spread.

The more the merrier, in other words, and Lord knows the people could probably do with something a bit merrier than the MUI’s kill-joy crusades (ooops!) against Indonesia’s dangdut songstresses, beauty queens and access to a beer or two after work.

Secondly, most people’s understanding of Islam in West Java hasn’t been good,  so people easily accept heresy with Islamic labels but actually far from Islamic teachings…and thirdly, a poor economy means that apostasy can help their economic conditions.
“It may seem a classic excuse, but the reality on the ground is so!”

And of course, now we get to Ahmadiyah, the peaceful and inoffensive minority creed that attracts the most virulent, and occasionally lethal, bigotry from every Islamist in the archipelago. And Rafani at once decides to wallow in conspiracy theories, instead of asking why many people prefer the Ahmadi view of the world around us.
.. Rafani also admits sometimes cases of blasphemy and apostasy are politically motivated, citing the case of Ahmadiyah, who are not dealt with even when their offense is very real and clear.

It’s not pleasant to read this man’s hateful rhetoric. The Ahmadis are the LEAST offensive of people. They don’t prattle about nonsense the way MUI does, and they just want to worship in peace. But to Rafani..?

“It’s like hiidden hands are playing with it behind the scenes. it’s not just at national level…local stuff about human rights… under the pretext of freedom of religion they tarnish the teachings of Islam.”

Rafani’s intolerance of other people’s rights is hardly unique. He had an instant ally in some geezer called Hari Nugraha of the Islam Forum, who whined that during the last five years at least 258 cases in West Java have been indicated…some have been handled by law and legal rulings while some are still extant.

An example in Bandung is the Quraniyah group – until now there has been no legal ruling…we have reported their misquided teachings to the authorities. This is one indication of the lack of law enforcement, “he explained.

Pretty sad stuff, right? 

Are these Quraniyah people robbing or kidnapping or grooming kids, or doing anything except differing in some ways from MUI-prescribed dogmas? I doubt it. Given Indonesian crowds’ tendency to take action against street crims, they’d be long gone!

So why can’t Rafani and Nugraha get off their backsides, go into Bandung’s back-streets and persuade the dissenters of the error of their ways? How come they stamp their bigot feet and call the cops?

Hari added that light penalties are one factor why people are so easily spreading these divergent teachings…this a loophole for certain groups to divide Muslims…economic and political factors often get used by enemies of Muslims to rev up horizontal conflict.http://www.hidayatullah.com/read/27651/12/03/2013/mui-jabar:-jabar-jadi-sasaran-utama-aliran-sesat-dan-pemurtadan.html

Typical mealy-mouthed hogwash.

‘Certain groups,’  but he lacks the guts to identify the people he thus smears as architects of this grand anti-Islam conspiracy!

Hari, if you have proof, man up and announce it. Otherwise, belt up and lay off harmless minorities.