Aceh – Basket-Case Bigotry

We know from long observation of their behaviour here in Indonesia that Islamists are nasty, intolerant, prone to violence and largely without conscience.






But the news in from Aceh yesterday – the only province in the archipelago that enshrines the iniquitous code known as shariah as its legal system – shows that they’re even worse than we imagined.

And decent Muslims are up in arms as well, outrgaed at the vindictive antics of a body calling itself the Aceh Ulema Consultative Assembly (MPU) which has issued a ‘blasphemy edict’ against a pesantren (Islamic boarding school) for reasons which appear to be very far from religious.




The Care for Sharia Civil Society Network (JMSPS), which comprises several human rights groups,  has deplored this bizarre decree, which has inspired the clowns who run the South Aceh district administration to shut down Al-Mujahadah  School in Sawang, forcing students to be sent home and putting its teachers out of work.

“Barnawi does not know the reason his teachings are deemed blasphemous, because the MPU’s edict does not specify why,” JMSPS spokesman Affan Ramli told the Jakarta Globe on Wednesday.

Well, open fatwas, openly arrived at! Just what you’d expect!

“If [the MPU] does not revoke [the edict], we will file a lawsuit, because there is not a single law or regulation that gives the MPU the authority to judge whether someone is blasphemous or not.”

Faur enough, but these goat-bearded self-styled ‘scholars’ have never needed law – their flatulent fatwas etc. are quite enough to make elected councillors up there in Bigotsville quail and jump to attention or dance like one of those poor chained-up street-monkeys on the end of a string.

Affan said he suspected the edict was linked to a land dispute between Barnawi and local villagers. “There are people saying that Barnawi never conducted Friday prayers, but this accusation was never proven,” he added.

The reason these good people are concerned is not just at the effrontery of the self-righteous ‘scholars’ but at the grave consequences which can arise from their absurd outbursts. Only last year, a mob of savages murdered three men whose interpretation of Islamic teachings did not meet with their approval.


The scene of the savagery


Dissident cleric Tengku Aiyub Syahkuban, and two other men, Muntasir and Mansur, died when the fanatic mob beseiged the cleric’s home, set it on fire…oh, and of course, have gone unpunished, excused byAceh’s shariah-compliant cops because the primitives’ instincts were all fired up by a sermon the murdered man was preaching. As a simplistic journo wrote then – the attack took place as residents reached a breaking point in their tolerance for Aiyub’s alleged heretical teachings…

A breaking point? The guy wasn’t bothering them,

If you don’t lie somebody’s sermon’s, sod off and listen to the radio! What a sick society, shrouded in darkness and death.