ClimateGate – A Retrospect! Well Worth Reading, I’d Think!

Always glad to plug a book or mag or even a pamphlet, and from the blurb below, this is a goodie indeed.

I still recall the utter revulsion I felt when that loathesome Phil Jones was caught gloating at the fatal heart attack suffered by one of those honourable men who strove to expose the lies and deceit of the Climate Panickers.


-Professor-Phil-Jones-Dir-001 Pusilannimous Prof – Phil Jones


It’s one thing to attack your critics with all the debating power you can, but people like Jones are lower than snakes’ bellies, so any effort to show these ratbags up for what they are deserves our support.




In November 2009, hundreds of emails from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia were released onto the internet. The messages, sent between some of the world’s most prominent climatologists revealed an extraordinary array of malpractice, with scientists manipulating data, breaching freedom of information laws and trying to crush dissenting views.

Hiding the Decline

Hiding the Decline’ is the definitive history of the Climategate affair, tracing the story back to its roots in the struggle over the notorious Hockey Stick graph, reviewing the explosive revelation of the emails themselves and then examining in forensic detail the cover-ups that followed.
Including important new information about how the malfeasance of those involved in Climategate was whitewashed by the scientific establishment, Hiding the Decline is a both an important historical record and an entertaining story in its own right.