“Europe” Doesn’t Work! Another Good Read – Free!


If somebody has already read and reviewed a publication, and I trust their judgement, I’m happy to give that review space.

So this is from Gerald Batten MEP’s blog, and here’s the link – he’s pretty spot on most of the time! http://www.gerardbattenmep.com/europe-doesnt-work/

One of the big lies told about our membership the European Union is that it would ‘put three million British  jobs at risk’ if we left.

In his new booklet ‘Europe’ Doesn’t Work Professor Tim Congdon, one of Britain’s leading economists, nails that lie once and for all.

Tim Congdon explains how no jobs would be at risk if we left the EU, and how nearly forty years of membership has not delivered more prosperity, jobs or trade – indeed it has helped to destroy jobs.

Please download this PDF copy of the booklet and take the trouble to read it.   The arguments are easily and concisely presented and it explains why Britain would be better off out of the EU.

Please feel free to pass this booklet on to others so that they too can be armed with the truth.