Toronto Deviant School Board Calls In Cops to Bully Blogger

One of the best blogs in the English-speaking world is Blazing Cat Fur, whose prolific energy I endlessly envy. He fights the good fight, and one of his prime targets in the perverted pinko clique called the Toronto District School Board.

BCF exposes this often and effectively. So the degenerates set the cops onto him!

Enter Det.-Consts. Irene Liska and Sergiy Lobanets, from 32 Division.

They presented “a photocopy of my post about the TDSB teaching children that the Black Panthers were a harmless social justice organization link” and specifically the “OISE and the TDSB need to be purged, or burnt to the ground” stinger.

It was almost laughable. He thought everybody would understand it was meant figuratively and obviously not literally.


SOMEBODY there has a sense of humour!


“It was nothing but a rhetorical flourish. It’s the language of blogging,” said Lemaire.

That police would be called in for this, might be as out of bounds as was when they arrested a father in another school board because his child drew a picture of a gun. Unlike in that incident, where a man was strip searched, Lemaire said, these officers were professional.


Tarek Tarek – Threatened with murder, but no police concern?


“That said, I have to wonder why a non-threat was reacted to with near hysteria by the TDSB and investigated while death threats to Tarek Fatah do not merit consideration by the TPS?” asked Lemaire. “To my mind this was simply an effort by the TDSB to intimidate me into silence and is plainly an abuse of power.

Metro TV  - Kemarin, Che Guevara (Penjahat Komunis) - Siapa Besok? D.N.Aidit (PKI)?


It won’t work, but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that an organization that holds up psychopaths such as Che Guevara and the Black Panthers as role models for children would resort to such thuggery.”

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