“Don’t Even TALK About Our Intolerance!” MUI ‘Scholars’

Hidayatullah.com– a strongly Islamist website – has obliged us once more with a report that I couldn’t find anywhere else, on a seminar in East Java to discuss the bigot ban on Ahmadis’ religious liberty.


Since the MUI has been instrumental in suppressing this harmless minority’s constitutional rights, no surprise that the nasty old goat-beards want the talks cancelled.


Because there were to be pro-freedom voices involved, even (shock-horror!) their victims’ voices – can’t have dissent heard, can we?

The MUI, a clique of self-styled ‘scholars’ whose subjects of study clearly exclude the right to worship in peace if they don’t appreciate your beliefs, has lodged a protest with the Police Chief.

So what’s their specific beef.
“In connection with the foregoing, we would ask the government to take strategic steps, coordinated and anticipatory, in order to preserve peace and order in East Java with the ban – cancel this event!”

KH-Abdusshomad-Buchori-Ketua-MUI-Jatim MUI Bigot Buchori

This inspiring declaration on free speech was signed by MUI’s East Java Chairman, Abdusshomad Buchor and MUI Secretary Ainul Yaqin, with copies to Commander V UB, Head Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Prov East Java, East Jawa Chief Prosecutor’s Office, the Regent of Ponorogo, MUI Ponorogo and the Head Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Ponorogo.

Well, the scatter-gun approach to censorship!

The ” scholars’ ” appeal comes after the Senate Student Programs (SMJ) Ushuluddin of STAIN Ponorogo announced plans to hold a National Seminar “In the Context of Muslim Discussion, Ahmadiyah in Indonesia”, for Wednesday this week.

STAIN are the initials of Sekolah Tinggi, a senior college there, but I know who I think represents a real stain – on Indonesia’s reputation as a fair-play nation!


  • So one is not allowed to discuss the bigots’ ban, except other bigots?
  • No, say the MUI, and I guess their reason is that it is planned to bring representatives of non-governmental organizations…in defense of  religious pluralism.
  • Among them, there is Ahmad Suady (Pluralist activist from The Wahid Institute), Dr Muh Roy (UII Yogyakarta) and Abd Rozak (Ahmadiyah).


The banning decree



The Wahid Institute is the brain-child of a decent Muslim, Yeni Wahid, daughter of the late President Gus Dur, who exemplifed the civilised type of Islam that bears such little resemblance to the rabid rantings of the MUI.

And as if Yeni isn’t affront enough to Buchor’s benighted bigotry, they’re actually going to have his victims there too!

Cancel this event!


“The Ahmadiyah issue,  unorthodoxy in East Java, is still quite sensitive and vulnerable,” said Mohammad Yunus of East Java MUI


MUI deem the seminar a violation of the decision to ban Ahmadiyah activities (JAI) in East Java, that could trigger and / or cause interference with public safety and order and with the regulation on Fostering Religious Activities and dealing with the flow of heresy in East Java. http://www.hidayatullah.com/read/27721/18/03/2013/salahi-kepgub-188/94,-mui-jatim-himbau-polisi-batalkan-seminar-ahmadiyah-.html

The website says it is so far uncertain if the seminar will proceed.

Let’s hope it does go ahead, and shame bigots like Buchor, whose intolerance stretches far beyond Ahmadiyah. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/10/30/scholars-escalate-java-jihad-another-creed-outlawed/

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