Pastor Palti in West Java – Prosecution or Persecution? today  reports increasing dismay at what one Jakarta activist calls evidence of growing insecurity of everyone’s religious liberty.

“It’s really very disturbing because it’s proof we as a nation have no guarantees of any individual’s freedom of religion,” said Todung Mulya Lubis, a well-known defender of Indonesian liberties.

He was referring to the summons issued against Protestant Pastor Palti  Pantjaitan, who was publicly threatened with murder by an Islamist hoodlum last year.

Pdt. Palti Pastor Palti

Instead of arresting the thug – there were plenty of cops present at the scene in Tambun (of course in West Java) when a sectarian rabble mobbed the HKBP congregation – a senior officer merely walked away, and last week the victim of the threat was charged under with  Articles 352 and 335 of the Criminal Code, harassment and unpleasant acts.

Todung believes Bekasi police officers have snared Palti after external intervention. As with previous similar cases, police  have allowed HKBP Filadelfiato to suffer criminalisation.


Todung Mulya Lubis Todung


Coordinator of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) Haris Azhar reckons that police are showing the same attitude in the Pastor Palti case as when they have dealt with the problem of intolerance in various places – to solve problems related to demos by intolerant groups, police entrap the leader of the group targetted by those drmos.

Haris and Todung are brave enough to recognise that these local cops take their cue from the weak leadership of  National Police Chief General Timur Pradopo.


  • pradopo murhali Top Cop Pradopo with Bekasi IslamoNazi Gauleiter Barda


“From  Police HQ to the lower levels, there should be one perspective and they should show courage… police who cooperate with the intolerant should be tried and dismissed… The police chief is retiring,,,if need be,  accelerate his retirement, ” said Haris.

Well, that would give Pradopo more time to enjoy the company of the IslamoNazi FPI gang, as he did in these infamous photos, above and below.

fpipradopo5 Pradopo at IslamoNazi conclave

The official police response to these comments?

Determination of the suspects was made after examining 12 witnesses. “We’re very careful. We do not want to be careless….  ” said Bekasi Police Criminal Investigation Unit’s Commissioner Dedy Murti Haryadi.

I just viewed the video again, a bad idea before I go out into the morning sunshine.

A real mistake, for it has cast a cloud over the day ahead.

You watch it too.

Blasphemous savages screaming ‘God is great,’ as the thug in the baseball cap yells his death threat repeatedly.

Look at the ranting Ustad, and the moron in the purple t-shirt, and the craven local government flunkeys, quailing visibly, and the vandalism, and the louts trying to drown out the Christian prayers with their loud-speakers, and the sour-faced bag-heads.

And LOOK at Police Officer Andri Ananta, so nonchalant as he meanders away, through the mob, deaf to the death-threat!

The most tolerant country in the world…”  – Religious Affairs Minister Suryadharma Ali!