“RompuyStiltskin Is Your Name!” So the Little Man Vanished, Never to be Seen Again!

If only it were so!

Van Rompuy - Weasel Extraordinaire

Van Rompuy – Weasel Extraordinaire

The 65-year old politician was elected in 2010 as the EU’s first permanent president of the EU council, a new position created by the Lisbon Treaty. His 2.5-year mandate was renewed in 2012. Under EU rules, the EU council chief can only serve two terms, meaning Van Rompuy cannot stand for re-election in November 2014, when his mandate ends. http://euobserver.com/institutional/119451

He says he will quit politics altogether, but bet your last nickel he’ll be up there yapping his empty head off,  if and when Brits and/or anyone else get a referendum on the EUSSR!




His own people, the Dutch, won’t be getting one soon, though. They had one, voted the wrong way, and have since been denied any similar say in their country’s future.

A suppression of which RompuyStiltskin undoubtedly approves!