How Could Those BRILLIANT Jakarta Investigators Miss Her?

Dangdut singer Julia Perez was arrested by Attorney General’s Office intelligence officers on Monday in Cibubur, East Jakarta, after a three-week search for the fugitive. ...

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  • A search!?! They couldn’t find this?


And it gets better!

Julia’s lawyer Malik Bawazier said on Tuesday that Julia was never actually a fugitive as she was just in her house.
“How can you say that she’s a fugitive, she’s clearly in her house tonight,” Malik said, as quoted by “And secondly, it’s not true that she was arrested. Julia has been feeling healthy these days and has planned to begin the legal proceeding.”

Well, I suppose three weeks to find a gorgeous singer in her own home is not bad, really.

The cops have only just announced court proceedings against an Islamist scumbag accused of threatening a pastor with murder – last year!

And the threat was recorded on video which has gone aorund the world (with a little help from RRA!)

What a slick posse!