Jakarta Islamist ‘Scholars’ – Adultery, Co-Habiting? Stoning and Whipping!


syamsul-maarif120911c Syamsul Maarif

 General Secretary of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Jakarta,  Syamsul Maarif, has declared that the proper Islamic penalty for adulterers  and co-habiting couples are STONING and WHIPPING respectively.
This identification with primitive savagery came about as he was commenting on the Government’s new-found determination to amend the law to include  “cohabiting” as a criminal offence.

“MUI is obviously very supportive of the proposal. Not just Islam, but any religion, does not allow for adultery,” Samson said in Jakarta on Friday.

Quite so, and so they excommunicate transgressors, deny them sacraments, don’t let them into houses of worship, urge them to repent – but only in a barbaric Islamic state, like iran or Saudi Arabia, would any clerics expect the government to do their job for them, especially by means of pubic floggings, which are fair enough for child-molestors and other perpetrators of genuinely offensive CRIMES, but not for SINS that are a matter of personal morality….no?
Well…no says Syamsul.MUI,  he explained, consider that in Islamic law the act of adultery can be categorized as a great sin.
“If the act of adultery is by a married person, then stoning is the sentence, while if unmarried, then it’s whipping,” he said.
The proposal is also able to maintain the nation’s morality…http://www.suarapembaruan.com/home/mui-dukung-pelaku-kumpul-kebo-dipidanakan/32705
muslim-woman-stoned-to-death-for-adultery1 This is what the MUI prescribes for adultery – stinking savagery
We should be grateful to this spokesman for the MUI, which, please note, is not some fringe fanatic outfit but the official, state-sponsored (and subisidised) voice of Indonesian Islam.
Now we know that the MUI really thinks. We know that, if given the chance, they’d turn this entire archipelago into a mirror-image of the shariah swamp up north, aka  the Verandah of Mecca, aka Aceh.
Worse, in fact, because Aceh  only deploys masked thugs with whips – not quite yet back in the Stoning Age!
Next time we hear some fool like Obama come here and talk about the wonderful tolerance and pluralist thinking he perceives all around him, throw this benighted bigot’s words straight in his face.
The MUI hogwash is all the more offensive when you realise that one of the reasons so many people here co-habit is the Islamist bigotry which makes it so hard for Muslim girls to marry non-Muslim men.
The MUI, far from seeking to reform this mediaeval mentality, actively champions such anti-social and cruel obstructionism.
So far, the government’s proposals only extend to a draft Penal Code Article 485 by which any person who lives together as husband and wife, outside a legal marriage, shall be punished with imprisonment of one year or a maximum of Rp 30 million.
It would be a lot more civilised, a leap into the modern world, if instead they passed a clear marriage law which kept nuptial rules out of the hands of ulemas (and priests and pastors) and let any woman marry the man she loves.