“Circumcision hopefully will make her less amorous…” Islamist Ignorance Targets Tots

“Many girls are getting pregnant out of wedlock these days. Circumcision hopefully will prevent my daughter from becoming oversexed, and will make her less amorous when she grows up.”

So says some poor backward bint in West Java (where else!?!) as she rejoices in the circumcision of her five-year-old daughter, one of thousands of little girls who suffer this primitive practice, which even the Islamist ‘scholars’ of the MUI says is not compulsory. “Islam does not force girls to be circumcised,” MUI chairman Amidhan said.


Yet the same MUI say it is permissible, whilst offering no good reason for it to be permitted. This weaselling puts them squarely in the dock, because there are lots of harmless things they wilfully declare haram, like yoga, for pity’s dake, and pre-wedding family photos, and even women using ojeks (biker taxis)

Why doesn’t Amidhan speak up?


  • Amidhan-MUI-2011 MUI’s Amidhan
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  • If the MUI had sufficient  sense of social responsibility, they’d use their undoubted influence to back up a government campaign against the nonsensical scraping of little children’s clitores. Unfortunately, even Amidhan’s half-hearted inching towards rationality stand in shocking contrast to the MUI’s ghastly Amin Ma’ruf.
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  • ma'arruf amin Ma’aruf
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  • He has previously claimed it is an”advisable practise on moral grounds…he rejects any attempt to declare this practice illegal or contrary to the principles. It comes under the sphere of “human rights,” said the Islamist leader, and is “guaranteed by the Constitution.” http://www.asianews.it/news-en/Indonesian-Ulema-in-favour-of-female-circumcision:-a-human-right-26948.html

But in any case, the Government, alas, is not mounting any such campaign, just caving into ignorance.

The JG report today describes how Indonesia accorded with civilised norms by bannng it in 2006, but u-turned in 2010. again without offering any serious justification for their surrender to promtive prejudice, except for their own impotence.

As Jakarta’s Health Ministry spokesman Budi Sampurno puts it. “It’s impossible to ban a longtime tradition.”

Oh, really?Britain did quite a good job of exactly that when the British Raj outlawed suttee, the ritual burning of Indian  widows, who, I am sure, wept and wailed as savages set fire to them, just as the helpless tots in the JG report, waiting for their turn, shriek in fear… http://www.thejakartaglobe.com/home/indonesia-ignores-un-ban-on-female-circumcision-denies-mutilation/581699