‘Elites’ and Sectarian Thuggery That’s “Torn Us To Pieces!” – Says Who?

As often happens, I stayed up late on Tuesday night, watching tv, reading and looking at ideas for new blog-posts.

As Trans TV wound down before the National Anthem, who should appear to deliver a religious homily but Ustad Arifin, seen below in smiling companionship with the nation’s most notorious IslamoNazi, Habib Rizieq, Fuhrer of the FPI, self-styled ‘Defenders of Islam.’


Rizieq and Arifin

arifin & habib


Trans has a pretty odd track record, true.

It gave the bizarre ‘transgendered’ Dorce Gamalama a show all to itself, despite that specimen’s shameful appearance at the funeral of a terrorist pig, where it opined ‘ Insh’ Allah, he died a martyr!’ https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2011/07/09/aussie-qc-opposes-indonesian-death-penalty-was-he-sad-when-bali-beasts-died/

And Trans is one of those channels that plasters cleavages with an opaque rectangle, to ensure we don’t enjoy Western films as much as we’d like.


= Illustration of ‘Cleavage’ – Unobscured by Opaque Rectangles!


Interestingly, double standards were on display on Trans the same night, at midnight, when two superb cleavages were on display too, yummy gals co-ho-hosting an infotainment programme = no opacity in sight, thanks be!




But back to Arifin,  a big fan of these nasty sectarian thugs, but that doesn’t prevent Trans TV from using him repeatedly to represent Islam. Nor are other major tv channels blameless in this regard. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/08/18/metro-tvs-hate-group-fan/

This week he was preaching on Trans about the importance of the family. Anyone unaware of his pro-hate group record would nod and say ‘how pleasant!’

Your average Indonesian Muslim, peaceful and polite, would see in Arifin a reflection of themselves, so that when he pops up elsewhere to defend the IslamoNazis, they’ll say to themselves, ‘Oh, Arifin’s a nice chap, if he likes the FPI, they can’t be bad.’

Thus are hoodlum bigots made respectable.

Arifin is hardly the only culprit.

Here’s our famous photo of the so-called ‘great and good’ of Indonesia, unashamed to share a photo-op with the pudgy gang-leader.



From the left – General Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama, KH Said Aqil Siradj;

Jakarta Chairman of the Nahdlatul Ulama, Djan Farid;

Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly, Taufik Kiemas;


Speaker of the House of Representatives, Marzuki Ali;

Chairman of the Jakarta City Council, Irman Gusman.


What were these men thinking of? This fanatic fuhrer needs quarantined, not treated as salonfahig!


Now what about this recent report, in which a top official at the Religious Affairs Ministry claimed that attacks on religious minorities nationwide have been orchestrated by political elites and a small number of hard-liners and did not reflect rising intolerance.


  • fpikkk
  • ……………………
  • The head of the Religious Affairs Ministry’s research and development division, Muhammad Machasin, told The Jakarta Post recently that based on a study conducted by the ministry, the majority of Indonesian Muslims were tolerant.

“We have found that most of our people are in fact maintaining harmonious relationships with their neighbors. We’ve found that differences appear to be no problem among the people.


  • fpi_anarkis4
  • ……………………….
  • “However, such people-to-people harmonious ties have been torn into pieces by a number of people who apparently have been influenced.”

Machasin said that the ministry’s previous findings showed that the perpetrators of religious violence were mostly outsiders.


Very interesting. Tell us who these evil manipulators are, please!


This, he argued, highlighted the “dirty moves” by certain groups and political leaders to abuse religion for their own benefit.


Okay, at a ‘haram’ snail’s pace, we’re getting to some facts that can be substantiated – certain groups and political leaders!. Any minute now – Machasin will spill the beans.

He’s a senior bureaucrat, unlikely to make up this stuff, so he must have names and pack-drill, to roll out before us, right?

No, not at all.

We’re just left with that typical useless tripe about  certain groups and political leaders!

But regardless of his abject failure to ID the bad guys he claims to know about, at least he has some positive plans to help.

“We aim to promote more community-based programs that will strengthen people-to-people relationships in the belief that mature and strong relations among people will not be easily disrupted by incorrect teachings or discriminative bylaws,” Machasin said… http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/03/20/few-hard-liners-political-elites-behind-religious-violence-ministry.html

But refer back to our post last year,
or don’t bother, because I’ll append the relevant section right here.
extract begins


Machasin, A Professor With Secrets

  • Republika reports that Professor Machasin, Head of the Ministry of Religious Affairs Training and Development Agency, told a meeting that so far there’s been no decision to ban their existence. “But to attempt to spread their faith, he said, that is prohibited….not to be contemplated, as it could cause an uproar…”


So because a bunch of intolerant ignoramuses scream and shout and stamp their feet, as they love to do – very boring lives, these jihadists – this inoffensive religious community is condemned to silence?

In the normal world, that’s why countries have police, to curb anarchic rabble and let decent folk get on with normal activities – like practicing their religion.

Machasin, like the MUI, must be scared stiff that Ahmadi teachings might lure their flock away from the mean-spirited tutelage currently provided by the ‘scholars.’

For now we come to the secret in-depth study of the issues related to Ahmadiyah.

Republika relates that the Ministry’s transparency is such that its agency  chose not to disclose it to the public.

” Studies (about Ahmadiyya) exist but cannot be published directly,” said Prof Machasin, in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, on Tuesday (16/10)


surya Ali

Given that the Professor’s Ministry is run by one of the most intolerant Islamists in the land, the unspeakable Suryadharma Ali, who has repeatedly declared his desire to dissolve Ahmadiyah, it’s hardly a surprise that the agency’s got something to hide.

Machasin was talking to a collection of  representatives of Islamic organizations.


Furthermore, said Machasin, the Tri-Ministerial Decree is not separate from the role of research and development. ” The Decree represents our ingredients,” he said.

I’d like to think that cryptic conclusion has lost something in the translation, but I rather fear not. That Ministry is so besotted with appeasing noisome Islamist bigotry that we have to figure that it’s something very unpleasant in the pipeline.http://www.republika.co.id/berita/nasional/umum/12/10/16/mbzl0q-kemenag-tak-pernah-larang-ahmadiyah

end of extract


You know, people like Machasin are downright dangerous!  He has the infinite gall to prattle about his wish to promote more community-based programs that will strengthen people-to-people relationships but is on record as promoting crass intolerance! Any attempt to spread their faith, he said, that is prohibited….not to be contemplated…

Rank bigotry! Or fear?

Certain groups, certain leaders, secret schemes.

What’s behind this weaselling?

Oh what a tangled web we weave…======