Jakarta Catholics Face Fanatic Siege – Police Inertia Strikes Again



The Jakarta Post’s early edition tells us that, with Easter just a week away, Islamist louts have struck at another church just a mile away from where we live.
The Damai Kristus Catholic Church in Tambora, West Jakarta was beseiged by hoodlums (whom the JP inexplicably describes as ‘community groups’) who showed up last night.

…dozens of members of the congregation unable to leave, while other congregation members were locked out…the church received threats last month from the notorious Islam Defenders Front (FPI), who allege that the church lacks a permit.




And almost needless to say, despite Jakarta’s Finest having twenty officers on the scene, allegedly ‘guarding’ the church,  these cops, according to the local priest, Revd. Matius Widyo, took no action…did nothing to the people who sealed the church.”

It seems they only came to life when a fight broke out!. http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2013/03/24/west-jakarta-church-sealed-during-services.html

The JP informs us that this congregation has been in existence since 1963. Its application for a permit has been languishing with the local authorities for TWENTY SEVEN YEARS!

Maybe the IslamoNazis could address their concerns to the sluggish and/or sectarian bureaucrats?