Golkar’s Dilemma – Is Bakrie Big Enough to Dump Neneng On Bantar Gebang?.


The cost of appeasement, and one of its acolytes – Setu’s Wrecked Curch,  Bekasi’s Neneng


Good to see more and more people overseas are urging Indonesia’s Government to honour its treaty obligations in respect of religious liberty.

Although RRA is only a small segment of the bloggosphere, we have done our bit to spread the word, and gradually ripples of indignation are lapping at the archipelago’s shores.

Human Rights Watch on Tuesday called on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono to order local governments not to demolish houses of worship and also to revoke discriminatory regulations on religious structures.

That’s from today’s Jakarta Globe.

The HRW outrage was spurred by the disgraceful demolition of Setu HKBP Protestant Church last Thursday. Bigoted Islamist savages and their scarfed squaws cheered as the wicked work went on, showing the sort of tolerance Christians in that rotten province have come to expect.

And the JG names the sectarian gang responsible.

Officials ordered the church demolished for its lack of building permit on the request of the Islamic People’s Forum in Taman Sari (Forum Umat Islam Taman Sari), a militant Islamist organization.

These ‘officials’ are just local flunkeys, acting on the orders of the Regent of Bekasi, Golkar Party apparatchik Neneng Yasin, shown above without a jilbab, the smile on the face of a tigress.

Brad Adams, HRW’s  Asia Director at Human Rights Watch, laid the blame fair and square at the central government’s door in an official statement.
“President Yudhoyono needs to reverse the decision, compensate the congregation and publicly order an end to the destruction of houses of worship.”

The JG usefully informs us that a video of the scandalous sacrilege is available, and I have found it –  actually there are several. I’ll post a few later tonight.

A video of the demolition shows church members crying and screaming, begging local officials not to demolish their church while hundreds of police and army officers guard the area.

Muslim militants standing outside the church cheer the excavator and shout Koranic verses when the building is demolishedSince Yudhoyono took office in December 2004, there has been an increase in violence targeting Ahmadiyah, Christians, Shia and other religious minorities.


  • SBY President SBY
  • More than 430 churches have been attacked, closed down, or burned down since 2004, according to the Communion of Churches in Indonesia. “The government needs to recommit itself to religious freedom for all communities,” Adams said.


So will that be seen as SBY’s legacy? One hopes not!

He still has time to redeem his reputation. But he cannot run again next year.


  Aburizal Bakrie


The most likely successor is the Golkar Party’s Aburizal Bakrie, who hasn’t said a word yet, so far as I can find, on his mild-looking but terrifying minion in Bekasi.



  • Some Indonesians may be asking  why he does not condemn her, set in motion steps to remove her from his party, and consign her to Bantar Gebang, the huge rubbish dump for which Bekasi is famous?