Greeks Show How to Handle Crimmigrants!

Greece is facing big problems at present, but at least the Greek authorities are looking after their own citizens as best they can!

The ministry is responsible for installing a 12-kilometre barbed wire fence on the Turkish border to stop migrants from crossing into the Greece.


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  • It is also behind the operation Xenios Zeus, named after the patron of hospitality and guests in Greek mythology. Xenios Zeus saw police sweep up thousands of undocumented migrants, arrested those with no legal documents, and placed them in temporary detention centres. In November last year, rounded up undocumented migrants set fire to one of the centres in protest.

Those last few words sum up what patriots in every country detest about these interlopers, their sheer bloody arrogance, assuming they are above the laws of the countries they break into like thieves in the night.

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  • They are NOT undocumented, they are ILLEGAL and it’s not ‘asylum’ most of them are after, it’s goodies, as even the EUOberver admits –conflicts and poverty force families to leave their home countries…
  • Conflicts? Yes, in some circumstances, sheltered temporarily, to be repatriated when the war is over.
  • Yet the question obviously has to be asked, if they just want out of the war-zone, why not stay in Turkey, which is much more like what they’re used to in terms of culture etc?
  • Answer- well, because Turks aren’t mugs -they don’t want these ingrates. And because the Turks’ welfare goodies aren’t as good as Europe’s! So it’s not refuge but a yummy trough for their snouts that they’re after!
  • Poverty? Then these are simply economic migrants, NOT refugees seeking asylum. They do not qualify for and do not deserve free room and board at the tormented Greek tax-payers’ expense.

They should be dumped back on the shores of the last land they left (in this case usually Turkey) and warned never to show their faces in Greece again – otherwise the detention won’t be temporary!