“Obama apologizes to California AG for calling her ‘the best-looking attorney general’ “

What a weird world we live in, when a man has to APOLOGISE for paying a gal a compliment! http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/obama-apologizes-to-california-ag-for-calling-her-the-best-looking-attorney-general/2013/04/05/d8c30864-9e1f-11e2-9219-51eb8387e8f1_story.html


Kamaja Harris…never heard of her, so far as I know, and if she’s a California Democrat, her opinions will probably be anathema to people like me.
And yet…as my old Scots drinking buddies would say, ‘Ah widnae crawl ower her tae get tae you!
A guy can still admire a gal even if she’s all mixed up and pinko.
I still think Naomi Campbell is a honey, even though she comes out with utter balderdash about Fidel Castro etc.
naomi-campbell-33 And it’s not just her dress-sense I like!
However, back to the point!
Why on earth did The Manchurian feel he had to apologise?
Was he inundated with calls from other states’ Attorney Generals in a condition of high dudgeon, wounded deeply that they ranked below Kamaja in his beauty stakes?
So, curious, i flicked through a few other states’ A-Gs to see if they might have cause for indignation.
Texas –
Maine –

Nevada –

Aha, getting better!
Kansas –
Pennsylvania –

Kathleen Kane’s the name, and I think she wins!
But I just random Googled the first five states that came to mind.
How about you, readers? Any nominations? Canadian and Australian readers can submit their provincial and state top legal officers too, if you wish.
Beats going to bed early for that awful Monday morning nonsense, surely. not that I get up early any day, except in direst circumstances….