Another Aceh Aurat Anecdote – Shariah is NOT Sexist – Official!

What a day! So much hassle involved in moving house! New bed delivered safely, the new wardrobe in place too. Internet provision coming soon, so stand by for disrupted service this weekend!

Hence light relief to get home to more silly news from the Verandah of Mecca, aka Aceh, where one local authority is planning a pilot scheme which they hope will serve as a model for the entire primitive province, and no doubt for all Indonesia, if the shariah-freaks have their witless way.

  • Ridwan-Muhammad-SE Ridwan
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  • Ridwan Muhammad, head of the Bireuen Legislative Council, is the man to talk to, or at least listen to, if you want to know about shariah dress codes.

“The heart of the qanun on Islamic dressing is for all Bireuen residents, male and female adults to cover their aurat [entire body except the hands and face],” Ridwan explained….

So not just the yummy parts but ankles and calves too (which can admittedly be yummy enough) – this puts Ridwan at odds with indonesia;s astounding Minister of Religous Affairs, Suryadharma Ali, who has gone on record that skirts must hang below the knee, thus implicitly exposing said ankles and calves to us guys’ lascivious gaze!

  • midiskirt
  • Mind you, Ridwan at least hasn’t declared his narrow-minded outlook a ‘universal’ standard, as Ali did, thus including non-Muslims in the scope of his priggish bigotry.!

Ridwan said that the councilors decided to bring up the bylaw for discussion after they discovered several people in the Bireuen district were not dressing in the “Islamic” way, such as women wearing jeans and tight outfits and men wearing shorts outside their homes.

  • tight jeans 21
  • Jeans cover all the parts you’d think might be covered.

But the problem is, local girls, even the jilbabes here in Jakarta, wear nice tight jeans that leave no doubt they have that splendid shape called female. That’s what these poor dopes up north don’t like.

It’s the aurat, y’see!

Google keeps translating aurat as ‘private parts’ but ony Islamist nitwits regard mid-riffs, knees, and shoulders as ‘private parts.But the idiocy is spreading, e.g Trans TV’s imbecilic opacitising (new word?) of cleavage, applied quite inconsistently again last night with a local lass whose highly agreeable cleavage quotient distracted me from her compering of a programme which featured numerous Western video clips where cleavage was fogged up (like viewers’ galsses, maybe!)

  • catherine-zeta-jones Amazing cleavage example – Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • ……………………….
  • If you live in an Eskimo village, sure, it’s good sense to cover up everything as much as possible, but in a climate as delightfully hot as Indonesia’s, it’s idiotic! Men and girls SHOULD wear shorts, not to formal dinners or funerals, but to cafes, to the shops, to a sports event – why the heck not?

“So the purpose of coming up with this qanun is for the benefit of the Bireuen people to dress up according to the Islamic teachings in which all adult Muslims should cover their aurat,” said Ridwan, a politician from the Aceh Party. “We hope that after the qanun is passed, it won’t discredit women because we also stipulate the Islamic way to dress up for males.”

Aaah, so shariah is NOT sexist after all? Here was me thinking women had to cover their hair while men didn’t. Wrong, Ross? They are to be subjected to the same rules? 

Aaaah, not quite…

The draft bylaw states that females should wear loose outfits and should not show their body shape, while men are told to wear outfits that cover their aurat, Ridwan explained.

So men can show their body shapes but women can’t? Why? Men only need to cover their aurat but the shape may be discerned? Sounds pretty darned sexist to me.

“We don’t want to be said as violating human rights when it is being implemented,” he said. “That’s why before passing it, we are involving many parties to discuss the qanun draft.”
Ridwan said that this qanun would be the foundation for Shariah police to monitor dress codes.

Right, no rights violations, just the goon-squad ordering gals out of their jeans.

How about a compromise!?!


Okay, say goodnight, Gracie!