Bekasi’s Hitlerian Ultimatum to Ahmadis – Update on Golkar Party’s Intolerance

The last stages of packing up stuff for tomorrow’s move, but was so incensed when I read the news here that I had to stop and post on it.


That link above is to a good Tempo article several pages long which gives you the background to the merciless Islamist persecution meted out to this harmless minority creed. It’s in Indonesian, but even Google Translate can’t mangle it too much!



Before and after the quest for bigot votes began – let it never be said that No-Shame is any sort of opportunist!


But today’s big news from Bekasi is that No-Shame Neneng’s bigot regime in that part of West Java has made Ahmadis an offer they have no choice but to refuse! It puts Golkar Party intolerance way up there near the Spanish Inquisition.


golkar    Bakrie


I quote from, which can hardly be termed an anti-Golkar source, given it’s part of Aburizal Bakrie’s media empire, and he’s not only Golkar leader and Presidential candidate but also big buddies with No-Shame’s Dad!


The Bekasi city government said that the sealed Ahmadi  in Pondok Gede may open for Friday prayers only if and when its imams and preachers are appointed by the government and the Ahmadis are willing to be ‘fostered.’

Stalin as much as Hitler would be proud of such  totalitarian bullying. You’re free to worship but only if we get to name quisling clerics to run the services.And ‘fostered?’ One can only interpret that as taken under the bigot wing for brain-washing!


Bekasi city government’s request is considered excessive and trying to dictate Ahmadiyya.

Firdaus-Mubarik Firdaus


“Well obviously we do not want that, it’s tantamount to surrendering our religion,” said Firdaus Mubarik, a spokesman for the Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia (JAI), on  Friday (12/8). “If the MUI (Indonesian Council of Scholars) clerics came to Ahmadiyya mosques and to teach what they think is correct in Islam, for us there is no problem, that’s fine as long as they do not commit violence,” said Firdaus. “But when it’s dictating what we can and can not do, it’s not acceptable.”


I’m surprised Firdaus would even give those nasty bitots in the MUI the time of day. But then Ahmadis exemplify tolerance, something the MUI knows as little about as Bekasi Golkar’s No-Shame and her colleague, Golkar Mayor Rahmat Effendi. They abhor pluralism and cower before the rabid louts of the FPI.

—though criticized by various parties, including the National Human Rights Commission, Bekasi city government has adamantly refused to unseal the mosque. And of course the impartial local police are serving Golkar’s grimnasties as an ever-ready goon-squad..

Mind you, Firdaus is no fool. He knows the sheer hatred that motivates those out to suppress his religious liberty. Firdaus said that the request was only paying lip service to dialogue. His mosque officials rejected it because they’ve learned from experience…it’s a means of coercion.


masjid-ahmadiyah-depok Ahmadis in another West Java mosque, later stolen by Depok City bigots.


Firdaus recalled the infamous jihad against the inoffensive minority in 2011, the so-called ‘Operation Prayer-Mat.’

“At that time the Government of West Java, abetted by the Siliwangi Division’s military commander, wrested  our Ahmadiyah mosques away from us, in Bandung, Cianjur and Majalengka. That’s also the desire of the Bekasi mayor,” said Firdaus.
So no deal, quite rightly.


If President SBY meant what he said last year, that abuse of religion should be curbed, you’d think he would order the arrest of those Golkar ratbags.

  • sby300 President SBY
  • If he meant what he said this week, that Ahmadiyah is NOT banned, you’d think he would send in troops to open up that mosque and disperse the Golkar gestapo surrounding it.
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PS    Can ANYONE find me an example of ANY full-time journo on ANY local paper ot tv station who has confronted Bakrie on what his party colleagues in Bekasi are doing to these innocent people?