‘Gay’ Rights and Wrongs – Despite Eire’s Example, Cameron, Salmond Still Diss Democracy

Eire is not a country I often applaud.

And yet….

Today I read that even the advocates of so-called ‘gay’ marriage there want to give the people of  their country a proper choice in the matter of legalising it. http://euobserver.com/tickers/119795

It is indefensible anywhere that a major, no, a revolutionary, change in the very nature of society NOT be put to a referendum.

no-to-gay-marriage_350x350_front-300x300   But in Scotland, under the SNP, and in the rest of the UK under ‘Cast-Iron’  Cameron, and his little chum Clegg, the political establishment has set its face resolutely against any diminution of their control of the debate and its outcome.


David Cameron and Nick Clegg


It is not a party political issue -I imagine even the advocates of upheaval recognise that.

It is an issue on which Cameron and his ilk have pledged (somewhat dishonestly, as far as we can make out) a free vote, a ‘conscience vote,’ some call it. This means they admit it is a question for each individual MP’s personal moral choice. But they were all elected on party tickets. Nobody in the polling booth gave any of them a mandate to impose their personal prejudices (or principles, if you prefer) on the country.

If it is a matter of consince, then it has to be a matter of each citizens’ conscience, and if they vote to overturn civilised standards, so be it. Decent folk will simply have to go back to square one, campaign for another referendum once the consequent damage is evident, in the form of witch-hunts against Christians https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/gay-jackboot-stomps-another-victim-aclus-extortion-scheme/(and Muslims, probably) and in the suppression of free speech,   or emigrate to country here decent values prevail.

The ‘gay’ lobby has shown it is capable of winning referenda, in a handful of American states. Despite this, their counterparts in other states insist on denying people a vote, using venal legislators or off-the-leash courts to get their way.

In Europe, after tear-gassing children and pensioners, Hollande has forced the vile thing on France. No referendum. Nor in Holland and other countries too.

  • gay nazi flag
  • It’s the same old song, bow down, bend over and take it, regardless of what the majority think. Nazi-style, and those Nazis were a pretty gay gang, if you recall, infested with mincing oiks!

Now we hear a new mantra, an even older song, ‘tomorrow belongs to us – most people want it’ – SO?


Of all the states in thrall to the EUSSR, only little Slovenia has dared consult the people on this ‘gay rights’ nonsense, and the people said no. Their arrogant elitist President was affronted, saying for the sake  of the legislator’s authority, it would be better to have laws implemented and  not contested on referendums,”‘’ http://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/god-bless-slovenia-and-god-save-uk-from-camerons-contempt-for-democracy/

These swine know the truth -that if the issue is honestly discussed and decided, there will be no ‘gay’ marriage, any more than people would put their stamp of approval on incest, bestiality or pedophilia.