Still Under Siege – Loyal Londonderry!

North Antrim’s courageous MLA  Jim Allister. leader of the TUV, has quite rightly slammed the refusal of the Sinn Fein / IRA controllers in Londonderry to commemorate the city’s Royal Charter Anniversary.
Jim_Allister_410683t Jim, of TUV
It is telling how these traitor republicans whine constantly that THEIR disloyal traditions and symbols must have parity of esteem, but when a signifcant event dear to the hearts of Ulster’s decent majority occurs, they ignore it. ‘Parity of esteem’ would mean that they too get dissed from time to time, but when does that ever happen?
plo.ira Terorist triumphalism
“I”t is shameful therefore that Sinn Fein controlled DCAL isfailing to celebrate this momentous occasion, a fact which has been confirmed to me in a  written answer from the Minister. ‘
“This year marks the 400th anniversary of King James I granting a Charter to  Londonderry which declared “that the city or town of Derry, for ever hereafter be and shall be named and called the city of Londonderry.”
Loyalist Mural in Derry Ulster’s Brits – Truly Under Siege Today!
“This was a pivotal event in the history of Londonderry and is particularly important to the Unionist community…Sinn Fein’s aversion to all things British, including the vitalisation of  Londonderry which flowed from the Royal Charter, has dictated that the Stormont Executive will ignore this pivotal event and its 400th anniversary.”
Jim is of course 100$ on this, and on the correct broader issues too, for he is one of few politiicans in that betrayed British province who incessantly tells the world about the plight of HM’s most faithful subjects, repeatedly subordinated to those whose allegiance is an alien flag and an alien state..