Islamist Bigot Biter Bit in West Java

An hilarious account in of a notoriously bigoted Islamist West Java mayor cowering in his mayoral chamber, cowed by a  ‘berserk-looking’ IslamoNazi gauleiter.

Out-bigoted at last, the fanatic Mayor Nur Mahmudi Ismail could unly take to hiding in his room. The Depok Mayor did not venture out from his office on the second floor of the City Hall building when the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI)  came storming in on Wednesday (17/04/2013) afternoon.

The report goes on to say that the local FPI Gauleiter, Habib Idrus Al-Gadri, had shown up to make enquiries about sin, of course, to be precise,  a number of dimly lit stalls in Pondok Rangon Cibubur area.


depok _swepping_buku   Gauleiter  ‘Horatius’ Habib


“For too long this issue has been left unattended to. The area was already a nest of evil. Depok City Government has promised to dismantle the dimly lit stalls yesterday, April 14. Why until now have they not been demolished? What’s there to be afraid of? If there’s fear here, leave it to us  at FPI, “said Habib Idrus.

Now as a rule, I’d be indignant on the mayor’s behalf. Why should he have to suffer the harassment of a gang of sectarian vigilante thugs with a down on fun?


  • Nurmahmudi-Ismail-OK_1 Brave Mayor Nur


But Nur himself is a very nastily  intolerant Islamist. Under his aegis, innocent law-abiding Ahmadis have been banefully hounded. Their mosque has been stolen, by Nur’s city authorities. Minimarkets selling beer have been targetted by fanatic goons and the local police have had no encouragement, to say the least, from Nur to hunt down the criminal Islamist louts reponsible.

So I delight in reading on!

Unfortunately the desire of the FPI party to meet Mayor Nur Mahmudi was not accomplished. When the FPI came, the mayoral aide hurriedly locked up. Nur Mahmudi chose not to get out of the office.

Lovely turn of phrase that. This journo has dry wit and to spare.

FPI were upset not to see the mayor, then attempted force, banging on the door of  Depok’s First Citizen. Habib Idrus was annoyed at  getting no answer from the office. Looking berserk, he tried prying open the locked door.

This carry-on carried on for about half an hour, till the FPI were accosted by no less a personage than the Secretary of the Department of Depok municipal police, Slamet AR.

NB   –  this is not a real cop, but rather one of those civic militia goon-squads known as SatPol PP here.

To Slamet, Habib Idrus threatened to mobilize his members to dismantle those dimly lit stalls, if there is no decision by the government of Depok. “We may only be ten in number,  but we are ready against thousands of the thugs supporting the immoral place.”


  • FPI_1_Juni victim monas Victim of FPI Monas Riot
  • ………………….
  • Heck, you could almost admire that, a bit like Horatius holding the bridge against the ranks of Tuscany, until you recall the FPI vicious, bullying and cowardly record of attacks on utterly inoffensive people, from the Monas Riot in Jakarta to the warungs in Makassar we show again below.


FPI_13 FPI hoodlums, attacking innocent stall-holders in Makassar


Not to mention rabid scumbags like Barda and Lubis (check our search engine)


“Patience, Habib, we are still constrained by the number of personnel. Earlier we have coordinated with the police and the military, God willing, April 24, we will move,” said Slamet.

And like a good little IslamoNazi, Habib gave in to Slamet’s sootihng words.

Anyhow, whatever you think of this story, at least now you know where to go in in Depok to find a congenial dimly-lit stall – till April 24th!