Pandering to Primitives, Mutilation Continues in West Java…

An unpleasant report from Bandung in the Jakarta Globe, which covers the primitive practice of female circumcision.

The JG describes what it calls  an Islamic belief that it will keep the girl’s libido in check when she grows up.

Thankfully, there are sane people speaking up against the Government’s back-sliding, people like Ellin Rozana, the executive director of the Women’s Institute, an advocacy group….a Health Ministry regulation issued in 2010 that legitimizes the practice must be repealed…. “Admittedly the circumcision practiced in Indonesia isn’t as bad as in some African countries, where they mutilate parts of the girl’s genitals,…Here they call it pricking and cleaning, but there’s no clear reason for why it has to be done. It’s different from male circumcision, which has clear health benefits.”


==   India’s got the idea!


No clear reason, except backward bigotry as found in the MUI, the Indonesian Council of ‘Scholars,’ which endorses the horrible ‘tradition.’

And it all boils down to sex, as frequently is the case. Not every MUI ‘scholar’ is benighted, but this fellow Ma’aruf Amin is one of their top men, and needs to be watched!


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  • ma'arruf amin Ma’aruf
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  • He has previously claimed it is an”advisable practise on moral grounds…he rejects any attempt to declare this practice illegal or contrary to the principles. It comes under the sphere of “human rights,” said the Islamist leader, and is “guaranteed by the Constitution.”

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Wow! You have a right to get your clitoris clipped, whether you want to or not, kid!


Ellin says the age-old reason given, that the circumcision prevents a girl from having a high sex drive and thus from becoming sexually promiscuous, highlights the patriarchal and discriminative nature of traditional Islamic Indonesian society toward women.  “There’s this idea that if a girl is circumcised, she will grow up to be a ‘good girl’ with a low sex drive,” she says. “But this is a question of a woman’s reproductive rights, her right to enjoy sex.”

Enjoy sex? How heathen can you get!?!

But the rest of the world is growing up – In December, the United Nations passed a resolution banning female genital mutilation, which extends to the circumcision practiced in Indonesia – so why can’t the Islamist ‘scholars?