Crimmigration Cut! Greece Merits Europe’s Thanks – Instead…



The number of people trying to get into the EU dropped by around a half in 2012, the EU’s border agency said Thursday (18 April). The Warsaw-based Frontex says some 73,000 people were detected in 2012, down from around 114,000 the year before.




Clearly a cause to raise a glass to Homer’s wine-dark sea, though there are still too many oozing in!

For indeed, most of the credit goes to Greece. The drop followed the erection of a 10.5 kilometer barbed-wire fence, which closed off a loop where the river bends into Turkey. An additional 1,881 Greek border guards coordinated by Frontex were also deployed with specialised equipment in the Evros border region.




These grand Greek people are re-enacting, albeit in a different context, the heroism of Thermopylae, when the 300 Spartans held off an alien horde bent on invading Europe. All glory to the Greeks, again, as then!

But instead, the ingrates have started whining about neglecting human rights … The Council of Europe (CoE) – a human rights watchdog in Strasbourg – in early April said Frontex lacks transparency, “unclear responsibility and accountability, and lack of democratic scrutiny, particularly of agreements with third countries.”


Nobody asked these aliens to come to Europe, nobody wants them (except plush pinkos who live in areas a very safe distance from the illegals’ stomping grounds and who certainly won’t offer any such undesirables lodgings in their own pleasant and spacious homes!) so logically there should be an escalation of these tough tactics to reduce the influx to single figures! And pronto!

Why pronto?

Because many of the intruders are skulking in Turkey waiting for the defences of the civilised world to be lowered. Frontex says migrants in Turkey may be waiting for the end of the Greek operation as people smugglers seek alternative routes. “Although the flow abruptly stopped in August 2012, there are reports of uncertainties related to the sustainability of the efforts and growing evidence that migrants are waiting in Turkey for the end of the operation,” notes the agency.

So is Brussels goimg to pile the pressure on the Turks to round up these illegals and make clear there’s no place for them either there or across the borders. Hardly – that would be helpful. Instead…

The agency last year created a Consultative Forum on Fundamental Rights and established a fundamental rights officer.The forum is mandated to advise Frontex’s management board and its secretariat on how to prevent human rights violations during border control operations. It has no investigative powers. But the European Parliament’s civil liberties committee has since requested Frontex improve its search and rescue operations and has docked almost €10 million of its 2013 budget “until practical steps are taken.”

That’s just wonderful! Stab the defenders in the back!




These MEP ratbags are supposed to represent the peoples of the European Continent. Instead…they side with those who seek to sponge on European tax-payers.

Not surprising, really, since that’s how MEPs themselves manage to wallow in such luxurious life-styles!