Never Vote for a Khaffir, IslamoNazi Gauleiter Tells Muslims

Just in case you thought only West Java had a noisy quota of intolerant Islamists, I see from that the local IslamoNazi FPI Gauleiter, Syihabudin, has been holding forth to an admiring throng in Temanggung, Central Java.




His inspirational message was that they must only support election candidates who are  willing to implement Islamic law. Because, in the teachings of Islam, to chose a khaffir (pagan)leader, is haram (forbidden)


Shariah Controlled Zone_thumb[1]


We exalt Muslims, and if all candidates for governor are Muslim, then select those Muslims who can accept the enforcement of Islamic law, because the motto of the FPI is ‘Indonesia with Shariah!’ “

However, for the Regent election in Temanggung. his personal preference would be to support the Budiarto-Dedi Hariyadi team, because that pair had accepted a draft for the enforcement of Islamic sharia…

Creeping shariah – well, we now know whose defeat to hope for in that regency!


A Statue of Jesus Among the Rubble in Temanggung


But it might have been helpful if the FPI had added a few words proclaiming that the sort of dastardly Islamist thuggery of two years ago, in that very city, including sacrilegious arson directed at Christian sites, was utterly and always unacceptable.

But then, pigs might fly.