A Big-Mouthed, Bad Bitch’s Poem for An Islamist Asylum-Seeker

I do my best to include lots of photos of pretty ladies in this blog, partly because it attracts more readers and partly because it is aesthetically pleasing.

But as midnight passes, I change style briefly, and offer you instead something ugly- I don’t mean physically, though I can’t say she’s attracitve – a big-mouthed, bad bitch,  a thing that has slithered out of its lair in Massachusetts, Amanda Something-or-other, who sings or sang with a band called the Dresden Bombings or something like that.




While most normal human beings might be thinking of the families wrecked by the murderous atrocity in Boston last week, this conscienceless harpy has written ‘a poem for dzhokhar.’

If she had written something appropriate, like a poem AGAINST the Islamist asylum-seeker held after the Boston Bombing, it would be slightly unusual but not offensive. 

As it is, I reckon she is only after attention, which is why I do not use her name or her band’s.

But since she got her wish and hit the headlines, let her be the object of general loathing.