‘Entire FPI to Go to Jail?’ Hope Springs Eternal, as IslamoNazis Fume!

Habib FPI Depok Habib


Pos Kota reported yesterday that Depok’s IslamoNazi Gauleiter, Habib Idrus Al Qadri, is in a tizzy, because those cafes and dimly lit stalls are still standing!

depokwarung22221-1024x743 Well, they ARE dimly lit!


“What is this? Always put back!”” The irate white-shirt was reacting to the latest postponement of demolition of these interesting places of sin.

  • Nurmahmudi-Ismail-OK_1 Brave Mayor Nur

“The City Government itself fears to act. So we have got together with all four FPI regions, Depok, Bekasi, East, and Bogor. Our plan is to descend with 500 members of the Islamic Defenders Laskars,” Idris added.

  • anfpi2

Idrus said that if there members of FPI were jailed for their actions, then the entire FPI will go jail too.

Well that might not solve the ‘sin’ problem in Depok, but it would certainly reduce public disorder around the archipelago!

“The community supports demolition of these cafes. We’ve actually been waiting for this opportunity. So do not blame paramilitaries if they intervene and act for the sake of alleviating anarchic ways forbidden by Allah SWT at these places of prostitution, ” he said.

Now if the FPI were smart, they’d have moved in yesterday, while so many West Java cops were pre-occupied with keeping their corrupt colleague Susno out of prison. https://rossrightangle.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/west-java-police-go-in-mob-handed-to-prevent-corrupt-cops-arrest/

But that’s just an aside.

The real question, and Habib is right to ask it, is WHY the local authorities, under PKS (Muslim Brotherhood-style fanatic) mayoral control, are dragging their feet. They detest places where a guy can enjoy a cheap beer and female company as much as do the FPI!

Surely not for some reason they’re ashamed to admit to?

For interested readers, these places targetted for storm-troop attack are located at Pondok Rangon, Harjamukti, Cimanggis, in Depok, to which fine city you can get a metro-mini bus, from Jakarta’s Lebak Bulus Terminal, just Rp.2000…but best hurry along before closing date!